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11/1/12 6:28 P

I spent the weekend at the Basketweaver's Retreat. It was a blast! I wove two (2) baskets and two(2) christmas dectorations. My digital camera doesnt't work with this computer or I would post pictures. The first basket I wove on Friday was all about shape. I came out just fine and manage to come back in like I was suppose to but I couldn't get back out! It was kind of frustrating and the instructor had to help me!! I did manage to come out flat and flow back down as I was to. All in all the basket came out pretty good. It has a waist like it's suppose to and I have a better idea how to get back out. The second class on Friday was the Christmas Stars. There are three (3) for them. a large, medium and small. Tied together with ribbon and hung in front of a window. Very nice.
Saturday I made a Flared Market Basket, it's a Christmas gift for a friend and that afternoon I made a Christmas Ball Orniment with bells in it. It can be hung on the Christmas tree or a door knob. Red and White Strips. Sunday I made an ash picnic style basket, puse size. It was woven on a mold. I don't think I like weaving with ash. It was a very good weekend. My fingers are finally recovered!!

I've been walking to the post office. It's only about 1/2 a mile according to my pedometer; 1170 steps. I think I may have to come back around the block next week and see how many steps it is that way. I have two (2) more weeks before I check in at the clinc.

Holiday season has officaly started. I've learned to lighten everything up so the meals will be okay but the desserts and candies could be a problem if I let them. I don't know if the problem will be the making, the getting or the giving. Have to think about it.


LILIGRAC Posts: 1,078
10/16/12 4:51 P

Went to the appointment with the Diabetes Clinc today. I signed up for the program. I had to commit to keep a food journal and an activity journal.

I have to work up to 150 minutes a week of activety. I had to put down a projected plan. So I said I would walk to the Post Office everyday. It's about 4 blocks round trip. Good thing there is a bench about half way if I have to rest.

The good thing is I don't have to go to the gym!! I can never keep that up! The first miss and I'm de-railed for months.

I will also be riding my stationary bike now that it's cooled off outside. I want a road bike but until I lose at least another 30 pounds I can't afford to buy one. I want a regular bike not the heavy duty bike for people of my current poundage.

I'm going to go knit now!!

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10/13/12 1:11 A

Today was my quarterly check up with the Dr. Everything is in the normal range execept my A1C, which was 8.3 and my 3 month average BS; 192. I did stop working a month and a half ago so I'm not getting as much exercise. Tuesday I have to go to the Diabetes Clinc for an orientation class. The new fical year starts this month so it's my anual check in with them. I'll need to ask about an exercise program. Either that or I have to get down to some serious housework!

Most everything else is going pretty good. I got the sleeves on my sweater, it won't be long before I can wear it!! Yea!! I still have my challenge projects to work on too.

Getting late have to go get my beauty sleep. Have a great Day!!

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10/6/12 6:45 P

Well my Hubby got back safely from his trip. Things didn't quit go as expected, but not as badly as they could have.

I've been riding my stationary bike the last few days. I got a different computer and this one doesn't have a way to play my dvds. I need to take time to go online and see if I can download one.

I'm really enjoying this cool weather. It's not going to stay this way, but it's nice right now. My Hubby did turn on the furnace this morning, said he was Cold. Could be he is, since he had radiation he gets cold.

Not so bad heat is gas and we're on averaging so the bill is $100.00 or less a month. That arrangement is the best one I've ever made.

Well I'm ready to knit again so I'm off.

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10/1/12 9:52 A

Your plan sounds great. I just ordered walking DVDs for the winter months. I tend to stay indoors when it sleets or turns icey, so I'm hoping the DVDs will help me. Unfortunately, I am easily distracted, and cooler weather seems to bring out the baker in me, but I'm going to do better this winter. Good luck with your house hunt!

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10/1/12 9:00 A

Sounds like you have a good plan in place for exercise...let us know how it's going!

LILIGRAC Posts: 1,078
10/1/12 1:31 A

Today is October 1st the start of a new month. I'm looking forward to this being a really good month. Yesterday I sent my Hubby on his trip to London.

This is suppose to be the month I can finally look for a new house. I've refused to look until we were sure of the funds for purchase. I will not be made discontent with my surroundings for no good reason.

The Stash Challenge starts today. I have to admit I jumped the gun a little bit. One of my projects is a scarf. It's for the friend I made the mitt-gloves for and it matches. She wanted to see what the scarf would look like so I cast it on and knitted about two(2) inches; we went to dinner yesterday.

I did pretty good we went to a mexican restaurant for dinner and I was GOOD!! I had a chicken taco salad with salsa dressing. I didn't eat the bowl!! and NO fried ice cream for desert!!!

I am going to have to start some kind of exercise program this month. I can't keep putting it off. I'm not good at exercise. I found my walking dvds. One is for an eighteen (18) minute routine so I think I will start with that one. It should cool off this month too so I could ride my stationary bike. It's outside on the porch and it's been too hot to ride.

Oh it's later than I thought I better get myself to bed!!

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9/19/12 8:14 P

Sounds like you have a good plan there!

I bought material for a quick and easy quilt Monday, but I have a couple of other things to complete before I start it. I find that I do better if my hands are busy and my mind is engaged in something other than the TV!

LILIGRAC Posts: 1,078
9/19/12 6:36 P

Thanks for the condolences; I really appreciate them.

I had a pretty good day. I went to run errands w/Hubby. Had lunch out and I did pretty well.

I haven't yet gotten to my knitting. I will have time to knit after dinner. And tomorrow when I take my Hubby to the parts store and to buy a tire for his tractor.

I've signed on to the October knitting challenge for the knitters team I'm on and I'll have to start organizing my projects. I'm not too sure how many projects I can get done in 31 days; I guess I'll find out next month!! I know I want to knit at least one pair of socks. I'll have to find a pattern I like and buy two pairs of dpns in the right size. I want to knit both socks at the same time. I hate to wait to be able to wear them.

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9/18/12 6:22 P

Welcome back! I am fairly new - there's lots of good tools here.

Keeping up the good work on your knitting...I am a quilter. It's not too easy to snack and quilt at the same time. I would think it would be the same with knitting.

My sympathies on the loss of your father. Do you have a strong support group around you? There might even be a grief recovery team/message board here...

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9/17/12 9:27 P

Welcome back. I'm so sorry to hear about your father. And I'm proud of you that you held onto your weight loss. I'm not sure many of us could have done the same. I'm fairly new here, but I've already found this a useful, helpful place to be. Again, welcome back.

LILIGRAC Posts: 1,078
9/17/12 1:38 P

I think this is the first time I've started a journal at SparkPeople.

I've come back to SparkPeople after being gone for about 2 years. My Dad was killed in a Hunting Accident in October 2010. My life got in my way as I was dealing with the aftermath of that.

I didn't gain back any of the fat I had lost while using SP. Thank God! The principles when remember and applied work.

I've reset my program and I'm now using the SP Diabetes Program. It was just starting when I left in 2010.

I'm still knitting. I learned how to knit socks and have made a few pairs. I also finished my sweater sampler from the book Sweater Workshop. Knitting Sweaters in the round. I knitted the pullover sweater at the end of the class and gave it to a friend. I don't wear pullover sweaters. I'm knitting a cardigan for myself. The best thing about this type of sweater is that it has no sewn seams. There are no side seams or sleeve seams only raglan shoulder seams and they are knitted. I can't make two (2) things the same size. Believe me over the years I've tried.

My eating is coming under better control and my blood sugar is down more than not!! My Dr is much happier with me these days.

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