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1/30/12 8:59 A

Try a protein supplement. I make one with almond milk, banana yogurt, some peanut butter and a scoop of vanilla protein,

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1/29/12 9:35 P

I switched all of my grains, excepting special occasions, to whole grains. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, no-sugar-added whole grain cereal, whole grain waffle mix, whole grain pasta, etc. Don't be fooled by labels like "multigrain" or "contains whole grain," read the ingredients and make sure all of the grain in it is whole. It easily gets me the amount of fiber that's recommended, and it has a lot of protein too. Sorry it's not a snack idea, but if you're really worried about fiber getting it through your regular meals is the way to go if you have the ability. If you're used to refined grain products they taste ridiculously weird at first, but it's easy to get used to.

I add whey powder to some of it for protein. Like, a scoop of whey mixed in with a serving of oatmeal (or in a shake).

1/29/12 12:27 P

My brother had to have surgery over last summer, and one of the things the Dr. told him was to eat a lot of fiber. I've been kind of conscious of this every since his surgery. Benefiber works, and is really tasteless. Also splenda makes some sweetener with added fiber. Those are just some little steps that can be added to coffee or whatever to make a little difference.

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1/27/12 10:00 P

Trisciuts with laughing cow light cheese....comes in at around 150 calories for both.

KRISTA051470 Posts: 8
1/25/12 9:52 P

Try Planters NUT-rition Antioxidant Bar (Almonds, Blueberries & Dark Chocolate) 160cal, 5g protein and 2g fiber - not real high in fiber, but 2g is 2g emoticon

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/3/11 8:30 A

I don't really follow the SP recommendation of protein because I'm a dialysis patient.

But then, that's just me!

8/3/11 8:10 A

for me, I've just discovered Edamame beans... roasted, lightly salted. They taste like roasted pumpkin seeds. They're very dry though, so I have to drink lots of water with it. It's a two-for-one special! I really like them. Honestly, I was surprised. They're supposed to be good on salads, as well.

SCHAMRICK Posts: 1,050
6/13/11 4:26 P

The irony is that I am over on protein and fiber everyday. For breakfast, I eat cheerios and/or oatmeal almost every day. In the AM, I eat a PB&J on whole wheat sandwich thins or bread almost every day. And in the PM, I either eat a whole-wheat bagel or English muffin almost every day.

And incidentally, if oatmeal is not your thing, try steel cut oats as opposed to rolled oats. It's still not my favorite thing for breakfast, but it is almost nutritionally perfect for breakfast. I also add egg whites after it has finished simmering. It adds a lot of fat-free protein to it and doesn't negatively alter the flavor.

THOMAS1968 SparkPoints: (2,289)
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6/12/11 10:04 A

I mix a little milled flaxseed in with my morning oatmeal. Fiber and Omega-3s.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
6/12/11 4:41 A

how about some low fat cheese?

I love snacking on cheese!

CAROLEE1945 SparkPoints: (20,839)
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6/9/11 8:38 P

Yes, I am having the same issue. When I do the "feedback" it always says I have not had enough fiber and protein. Where can I find a list of high fiber foods? I do eat lots of fruit and vegetables so I don't get it.

DJCYDER Posts: 8
5/26/11 3:33 P

I'm considering investing in GNC since i spend a lot of money there.

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SMANTZKE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/26/11 3:24 P

the muscle milk isint to bad

DJCYDER Posts: 8
5/26/11 2:55 P

Have you considered a protein supplement?

5/26/11 2:05 P

I like the Big Jack's Turkey Jerky. A lot of protein and not too many calories.

PURPLEMOON88 SparkPoints: (4,218)
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5/21/11 9:13 A

I've been tracking my eating with the SparkPeople nutrition tracker and was surprised to find that I've only been eating about half as much protein and fiber that is recommended...I even eat High Fiber One bar and meat and eggs, too. I am looking for something that I can add to my diet as a snack that is high in protein and fiber, but low in calories-say less than 150 calories. Is there such a thing?

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