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10/29/12 3:25 A

Thank you everyone for your help!

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10/25/12 11:38 P

multiple meals from one basic protein
for example: buy or roast a chicken.
day 1: eat roast chicken piece with frozen or steamed fresh veggies from the salad bar [one breast used]. boil 2 servings of pasta and separate into tupperware or zip bags. In one container, stir in 1 tablespoon of light sour cream or lite cream cheese, 3-4 oz of chopped chicken, some steamed broccoli. in the other container, stir in a tablespoon of light sour cream or light cream cheese, sauteed or canned mushrooms, and 3-4 oz of chopped chicken. [back meat and other bits used]
day 2: eat the pasta and mushrooms (easy stroganoff. sprinkle a bit of paprika if you like, salt and pepper if needed. shred 6-8 oz of chicken. divide into 2 zip bags. [thighs used]
day 3: roll up the shredded chicken with some lettuce or salad greens, tomato slices, avocado, a bit of cheese or sour cream, salsa into a high fiber tortilla for a chicken burrito or soft taco. I sprinkle taco seasoning or chili powder into the sour cream for zing. slice up the remaining breast into strips. divide into 2 zip bags. add hoisin sauce, teriyaki, or soy sauce to one bag. [breast used]
day 4: stir fry vegs of your choice, add the asian seasoned chicken. cut wings into drummettes and the other parts and toss into zip bag with hot wing sauce (or thousand island and a shot of hot sauce). [wings used]
day 5: eat broccoli pasta. put barbecue sauce on drumsticks and save in zip bag.
day 6: eat barbecue drumsticks with corn and light cabbage slaw. simmer carcass with onion and garlic for soup stock. remove bones. freeze. [carcass used]
day 7: toss chicken breast slices into tossed salad or caesar salad bag from grocery.
day 8: eat hot wings with celery and light bleu cheese dressing
day 9: use shredded thigh in the broth plus any leftover veggies from the rest of the week to make soup. adding a couple of oz of egg noodles to the broth will make you feel more satisfied and they really swell up.

I do all the chopping and taking apart of the chicken when I get home from the grocery or when the chicken is done roasting. most of the stuff gets frozen for quick prep later on. on the other hand, the recipes are so different, that I don't really get tired of eating chicken for several days in a row.

JOYFULME01 Posts: 621
10/25/12 10:33 A

It is so challenging to come up with healthy recipes with only 1 or 2 servings. I'm looking forward to seeing what folks post.

JENNIS7 Posts: 387
10/18/12 6:17 A

Thanks very much! These sound easy to make and very tasty! emoticon

AMARALN08 Posts: 3
10/16/12 2:48 P

def going to try this

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10/14/12 3:30 P

microwave a "steamable" bag of veggies. drain well. sprinkle fat free feta. great taste, protein, low calories, and at least 2 and a half servings of veggies.

eggbeaters (my favorite is southwestern) or whatever egg substitute because you don't have to dirty up bowls to scramble. stuff with cottage cheese and a handful of pre-chopped veggies you have on hand or from the salad bar. stuff into joseph flax pita bread. low calorie, packed with veggies and protein.

cook a full sized recipe, divide up into individual servings. eat one, put the rest into the freezer. you will end up with a selection of meals in the weeks to come. soups, chilis, many indian, stews, casseroles of all types, pasta dishes...anything that does not have hard boiled eggs (they get rubbery, on the other hand, i kind of like them that way).

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10/12/12 1:45 P

I made this last night, and while the recipe calls for 6 servings, I easily cut it down for 2, and it would be very easy to cut it down for 1 also, just use 1 chicken breast and 1 sweet potato, and less oil for the potato. For the glaze, I would suggest just halving the glaze ingredients, and if you don't like a lot of heat, just use 1 pepper. I cut the recipe for the glaze in half for two servings, and it wasn't enough to coat both top and bottom of the chicken, which it really could use.

Chipotle Glazed Roast Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

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10/12/12 11:18 A

check out the pumpkin recipes I posted one for pumpkin pie...I'm really not sure what your looking for but an easy way is to fix one serving of fish then add veggies and rice..Same for any meat add one serving of chicken and then add the rest of the meal.

3.5 oz ground beef
1 cup chopped tomatoes
cup water
2 tablespoons minced onion
2 cloves garlic crushed and minced
pinch of garlic po
teaspoon chili po
pinch of oregano
cayenne to taste
s&p to taste..
1.brown ground beef in small pan 2.add onion , garlic, tomatoes and water 3.add spices and simmer slowly til liquid is reduced..the longer it cooks the more flavor..add a little water as needed to prevent browning ( about 200 cals )

3.5 ozextra lean ground beef
garlic to taste
mix the garlic po into the beef and fry , add bun , tomato ,lettace, pickle , onion..etc.. about 200 cals w/o the bun...If this isn't what your looking for let me know...

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10/7/12 5:43 A

Looking for simple one serving recipes

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