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8/14/11 12:25 A

I just bought a protein powder to supplement the days I need to bump up my protein. It can be added to any liquid and I plan to add it to soup the next time I make it.

8/12/11 4:12 P

I almost always have trouble getting my protein in. I generally don't each much meat or chicken and I'm mildly allergic to eggs and dairy so I try not to eat too much of them either. Lately I've opened a can of tuna and when my protein numbers are low for the day I eat a couple of ounces of tuna with a little 0% fat greek yogurt to bump them up. I love nuts and seeds and soy products but have to watch the fat levels.

8/12/11 1:53 P

Peanut butter!

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8/12/11 8:26 A

hard boiled eggs (use 1 tsp of low fat mayo couple hard boiled egg use one yolk and two whites salt and pepper got egg salad use romaine as your bread)

grilled chicken - goes on or with anything

beef jerky or turkey jerky

nuts (eaten a couple not to many fat content)

low fat cheese

8/10/11 7:29 P

One serving of Cabot Greek Yogurt is 18 grams of protein!

EMILYT0082 Posts: 342
8/10/11 7:03 P

Lean meats, fish!, greek yogurt, beans/ lentils, some cheeses, protein shakes....

MENNOLY SparkPoints: (111,549)
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8/9/11 5:52 P

I enjoy making a smoothie with fat free greek yogurt, almond milk and whatever fruit I have around. I add about a cup of ice to make it really cold and it is as enjoyable as a milk shake with a fraction of the calories.

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
8/9/11 7:59 A

Good topic and lo cal would help ! emoticon

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7/28/11 6:10 P

thank you soooo much!!

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7/27/11 11:29 A

Thanks you! Those sites are very helpful!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
7/27/11 10:33 A

Here are 2 helpful articles about this:

Reference Guide for Proteins:

How to Meet Your Protein Needs without Meat:

Coach Denise

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7/26/11 9:49 P

Any Ideas for protein for a Vegan?

7/26/11 2:37 P

I use nuts on my lunch salad almost every day, not a lot as they are very calorie dense.

Another thing I've been doing is making a rice/bean mixture on Sunday and using that in a wrap with a bit of salsa and maybe an egg white for a yummy breakfast burrito. (Rice + beans = complete protein.)

I love egg whites - as omlets, chopped in my salad, or as egg salad. I use 3 egg whites with 1 yolk for my egg salad and use just a dab of mayo and a then a bit of mustard.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
7/26/11 12:17 P

Is Gelatin a protein? About the easiest way to get it is to mix the powder into a hot drink. Or you could make "knox blox" out of any juice you want, mold it in a novelty ice cube tray, and have that as a snack. (Carrot juice, tomato juice, apple juice, coconut milk... Haven't tried it with normal milk yet, but heavy cream is decadent.)

My chicken broth recipe involves stripping a whole roast chicken and crock-potting the bones overnight on low. It might be the cartilage or how the bones crumble by the time I'm done, but the broth stands up on its own when cool.

As for other easy proteins, look into nuts and beans.

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7/26/11 10:37 A

My trainer says I need more protein! Any ideas?

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