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Lose 10 pounds in May!!!

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Posts: 129
4/29/09 1:23 P

Can't wait until the may challenge starts, I like the site you found stormy, and I have already signed up and logged my miles!


Posts: 213
4/29/09 12:01 P

Count me in as well. I am new here and this sounds like exactly what I need to get the motivation moving. I will weigh myself Thursday morning. emoticon emoticon

Posts: 488
4/29/09 11:30 A

Ready to go!!! Reved up and waiting....still losing in April!! 15.5 so far!!! This is my first month though too, always my biggest. Next month will ready be the challenge!

Posts: 16,580
4/29/09 9:41 A


April 29, 2009

20/30 bend over rows with band
20/30 close arm wall push-ups
20/30 dumb-bell chest flys
20/30 dumb=bell reverse flys
20/30 triceps dips w/straight legs
20/30 standing tricep stretches

Good luck team! emoticon

Posts: 16,580
4/28/09 10:12 P

i have a request: yesterday i came across on my Spark people website, an article that popped up for Raising funds for breast cancer. i clicked on it and joined.. I am sending u all the link to help me raise money for Breast/Cancer awareness.

2 weeks ago i was diagnosed with breast Cancer. As we speak, i am going thru what needs to be done to fight this disease. i am asking each and everyone to participate and help me in the fight for my life. Its all free.

all you have to do is join and log in your minutes of walking/jogging daily..Bumble Bee donates 15 cents for every mile walked or jogged to B/C research. i figured we all walk anyway so we can log in at least an hour or 2 walked daily. Please join. its free totally free. it cost only a minute of your time. lets make a difference. Thanks in advance for your participation. Luisa

the link is:

SparkPoints: (7,539)
Fitness Minutes: (8,273)
Posts: 624
4/28/09 10:02 P

sign me up! I did the april challenge, I'll wait until thursday to post my weights.

Posts: 8
4/28/09 9:58 P

I would like to join your challenge!!

Posts: 7
4/28/09 9:25 P

I would like to join your challenge :)

Posts: 16,580
4/28/09 9:20 P

2 more days people!!!

Posts: 23
4/28/09 8:57 P

Sounds good -- here's to May!


Posts: 1,219
4/28/09 8:46 P

Okay, posting here so I can gear up for May.
I am doing yoga tonight 1hr-did 2 mile run/3.75mile walk yesterday. My goal for May is to plan and execute. Sometimes I don't plan and other times I don't execute. May is the month to combine the two.

Edited by: LOVINMY30S at: 4/28/2009 (20:47)

Posts: 488
4/28/09 3:29 P

I'm ready for MAY Challenge. Weigh in is tomorrow for April challenge..(lost 11 lbs so far in April) I can't wait for the May challenge to keep the momentum going!! Thanks!

Posts: 35
4/28/09 2:47 P

I would LOVE to join this challenge.

SW 197.8 right now
GW 187.8

Yay! Let's do it.

Posts: 2
4/28/09 2:43 P

This is exactly what i need to get my butt in shape and get a move on things!!!!

SparkPoints: (47,455)
Fitness Minutes: (28,868)
Posts: 2,496
4/28/09 1:06 P

Hi I'm back, Been really busy then really sick. But I'm still on track and revin' up for the new month.


Posts: 74
4/28/09 12:42 P

I am going to post on here because I am gearing up for May and not looking backwards. Today my goal is to go jogging after work. i'll let you know tomorrow if I succeed!

Posts: 7
4/28/09 10:25 A

I'm in!!
Hoping I can do better than 10 though! Fingers crossed! emoticon

Posts: 16,580
4/28/09 10:04 A


Posts: 74
4/28/09 9:51 A

I would like to join. I hope to do better than I have been.

Posts: 4
4/28/09 9:48 A

Count me in please!

Posts: 35
4/28/09 9:46 A

I'm in. I've been slacking.

Posts: 82
4/28/09 9:37 A

Ok it's official, kicking it into high gear. Time to get serious!

Posts: 1
4/28/09 9:27 A

I'm in as well!!

really need to get rid of some of this bulk

Posts: 21
4/28/09 9:20 A

I am sooo in! I need to lose so much more - but to lose 10 pounds in may would be such an incentive for the remaining weight that has to go! Let's Do This!!!

Posts: 16,580
4/28/09 8:46 A

how we do it is by posting. for example ill try something and if it works or not i share it and u can try it may work for u and it may not..there is not site or anything this is all trial and error. everything doesn't work for its up to the individual to come in post daily and share..i hope this helps. thanks for the question. im sure alot of ppl have the same one.

Posts: 107
4/28/09 8:35 A

has anyone done this before? any tips on what's worked or what doesn't? or perhaps a link? thanks!

Posts: 16,580
4/28/09 8:21 A

im so happy to see all the new faces and lots of seasoned challengers as well..remember to post daily to learn what works and what doesn't..we want ur input..good luck and TTYL

Posts: 111
4/28/09 8:08 A

I am completely dedicated to losing 10 pounds in May! My 29th birthday is in June, so losing 10 pounds in May and hopefully in June will make my birthday a very happy one!

Now if I can only get myself to go on the scale... emoticon

Edited by: LEXEY626 at: 4/28/2009 (08:09)

Posts: 16,580
4/28/09 7:18 A


April 28, 2009

20/30 dumb-bell crunches
20/30 crunches with side twist
20/30 reverse crunches
20/30 reg crunches
20/30 leg raises
20/30 wall push-ups
20/30 step ups

Good Luck Team!! emoticon

Posts: 615
4/28/09 7:13 A

Yes!! How does it work?

Posts: 107
4/28/09 6:34 A

this is exactly what I need right now - count me in!

Posts: 69
4/28/09 6:29 A

I am definitely in! Someone please keep me on track, I would love to lose 10 lbs in the month of May.


Posts: 18
4/28/09 12:07 A

I'm in! I am getting horribly depressed about all this baby weight that isn't going away after 6 months!!

Posts: 8
4/27/09 11:43 P

This is my first challenge ever so fill me in how does it work? I would love to be 10 lbs thinner by june 1st!

Posts: 89
4/27/09 9:19 P

Count me in. =)

Posts: 22
4/27/09 8:47 P

ok...i want in!!! i need to lose way more than 10 lbs but that would be a wonderful start...and now i'm off to join your team!

Posts: 16,580
4/27/09 8:41 P

Welcome to u all...old and new..we have 3 more days and the games begin...keep on coming in the more the merrier...good luck to u all. luisa emoticon

BTW: The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

- Chinese proverb

Edited by: STORMY96 at: 4/27/2009 (20:42)

Posts: 5
4/27/09 8:22 P

I have never done a challenge, and it is definitely time. Count me in!! emoticon

Posts: 691
4/27/09 6:16 P

I will do my very best to lose 10 lbs in May.

Posts: 276
4/27/09 4:34 P

I'm in! I really need something to jump start my progress. The summer is coming quickly and I'd really like to look and feel good this year.

SparkPoints: (56,685)
Fitness Minutes: (17,793)
Posts: 14,492
4/27/09 4:04 P

THIS TIME I will get it.. or come real close..
Count me in

Posts: 14
4/27/09 3:56 P

I'd like to get in on this too! I have never done a challenge but could definitely use the motivation as I have seemed to hit a brick wall! Boo!

Edited by: MCGEE4782 at: 4/27/2009 (15:57)

SparkPoints: (20,534)
Fitness Minutes: (20,490)
Posts: 616
4/27/09 3:50 P

I'm in ... I have got to do something to bust out of this plateau!

Posts: 1
4/27/09 3:41 P

i would love to join I'm new to spark people and this will be my first challenge but i'm sure it will help me to stay motivated count me in!

Posts: 395
4/27/09 3:17 P

I'm in. I really need something to kick start my motivation.

Posts: 118
4/27/09 2:15 P

I'm in... Love challenges! Will it be a weekly weight in?

Posts: 64
4/27/09 1:40 P

Stormy, I LOVE your challenges! It keeps me focused and motivated. I did great in March, and I am ROCKING April! I can't wait to post my final results. :D May can only get better as the weather warms up and we all get outside and active. Thanks so much for putting in the effort to do this and keep us all on the right track!

Good luck in May everyone!!!!


Posts: 43
4/27/09 1:07 P

Count me in! I've lost 10lbs so far in April and still have a few days to go. I'll be back to post my starting weight.

Posts: 1,219
4/27/09 1:00 P

Looking nto do well in May(10 by my brithday the 28th)
Wish me luck.

Posts: 129
4/27/09 12:51 P

I'm in, I havent joined a challenge in like 2 months! I'm seriously slacking and could use the motvation!!

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