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ANGEL88FAN SparkPoints: (0)
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11/7/11 4:26 P

I just updated with my correct weight, I gained 2 pounds =( Oh well, it will come back off!

COLOURFULME Posts: 4,699
11/7/11 11:02 A

I will keep it in my favourites.

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
11/7/11 8:40 A

Good reminder, thanks Nora!

Here is a list of everyone who is signed up, so far:

If your name isn't on there or there is incorrect information, you have until midnight Eastern tonight to sign up or fix the information. Use the link here:

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NORA-L SparkPoints: (59,298)
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11/7/11 6:55 A

Can you provide the link for us to confirm our weight registered, please?

COLOURFULME Posts: 4,699
11/4/11 9:00 A

Thanks I just signed up again with the correct weight and no hope it won't go up anymore.

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
11/4/11 7:58 A

On Nov 8 I'll email everyone who has signed up with the weekly link we'll use to record the weights. And I'll post that link here, too.

No problem if you've signed up twice. I'll just take the later one.

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TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (148,410)
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11/4/11 6:32 A

How do I report in and when does the challenge start I forgot.
I just signed up again with my most recent weight so now there are two

COLOURFULME Posts: 4,699
11/4/11 6:23 A

i have subscribed and reported my starting weight but because of medication it has gone up 5 kg can I still change that or what should I do?

11/2/11 5:23 P

I'm in - thanks for organizing this - what a great idea! I definitely need the extra motivation during the holidays~ emoticon

TERESATEXAS SparkPoints: (11,701)
Fitness Minutes: (16,584)
Posts: 73
11/2/11 1:09 A

Just signed up!! Looking forward to the challenge!! I need all the help I can get!!


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BUTTERCUPP79 Posts: 74
11/1/11 10:47 P

I am definitely in!

BRIDGETSMOM10 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2
11/1/11 9:01 P

This will be a true "challenge" for me this time of year, but I will work on it. I have got to become more healthy or else!

WIRE333 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,331)
Posts: 162
11/1/11 12:58 P

I'm in, too! I'll put in all my information on the link you provided when I get home :)

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
11/1/11 9:38 A




BLUESKIES139 SparkPoints: (45,976)
Fitness Minutes: (58,011)
Posts: 1,412
11/1/11 9:24 A

Im in!! This sounds like fun!!! So when will our first weigh in deadline be the 14th by midnight? And are you posting the link on this message board on the 8th right?

PRETTYINPUNK_04 Posts: 346
11/1/11 8:27 A

I think this will be something I have been needing. I've missed doing these challenges and im ready to get competative again. This should keep me in line for the holidays. I'm ready!

10/30/11 8:35 A

I think this is definitely a challenge I'm going to enjoy! I want to be the jolliest loser!

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
10/28/11 2:16 P

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder...

If you want to join, sign up on the Google form by Monday, November 7, midnight EST.

Here is the link:


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10/28/11 1:36 P

lets try this again! I'm in!

SALSIFY Posts: 497
10/28/11 8:43 A

@Lessofkedi: You're welcome re. the reminder about rice cakes. I also forgot about them & only started eating them a couple of months ago. I eat them now instead of bread which I find a bit moreish. I like rice cakes but I can take or leave them.


KORTMOM Posts: 323
10/28/11 5:38 A

I'm in and I'm so excited! I really need this. Believe it or not I lost a good 10 pounds last year during holiday time. I am hoping to have a repeat this year.

HAPPYENZO Posts: 830
10/27/11 1:27 P


4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
10/27/11 1:04 P

There will be a link provided for posting each week. That link will be the same.

I'll post it on Tuesday here and email it to everyone who has signed up once the current challenge has finished.

HAPPYENZO Posts: 830
10/27/11 12:28 P

Are we posting this to the same page every time?

10/27/11 11:40 A

I want in on this challenge. I want to lose 6 pounds by Thanksgiving. I'm setting a small goal this time around so that I don't lose focus. Any tips, help or support that you all can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the reminders about rice cakes I haven't had one of those in so long, I'm going to go to the store to pick up a bag.

REBYTR Posts: 1,297
10/27/11 6:53 A

I signed up. I would like to maintain my weight through the holidays.

SHELLIEBELLIE2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,260)
Posts: 2,548
10/27/11 5:31 A

i really need this to get back on track!! im in

SPARKARINO SparkPoints: (187,081)
Fitness Minutes: (149,232)
Posts: 27,421
10/26/11 9:58 A

Sounds like a great motivator, I'm in!

ANGEL88FAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,867)
Posts: 48
10/25/11 7:26 P

I'm definitely in!

SALSIFY Posts: 497
10/25/11 5:32 P

mmmm - sweet & spicy... sounds good.

JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
10/25/11 5:00 P

I need this!

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
10/25/11 4:41 P

Ha. I'll see your rice cake and raise you a pot of Good Earth caffeine free "original sweet and spicy" blend.


SALSIFY Posts: 497
10/25/11 4:40 P

Consider the challenge ON, 4A... *puts down spoonful of leftover plum crumble & picks up rice cake* lol

JENNIFER_67 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,440)
Posts: 2,732
10/25/11 4:33 P

I'm in!

HAPPYENZO Posts: 830
10/25/11 4:32 P

Thanks a bunch, going to check it out. AND I've signed up! Woo Hoo!

THE-MORE-GIRL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (18,985)
Posts: 1,404
10/25/11 4:20 P

I'm in. My first challenge!

COLOURFULME Posts: 4,699
10/25/11 4:20 P

I will read it after taking some zzzz because it is really passed my bedtime now! emoticon

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
10/25/11 4:13 P is a site that uses a weighted moving average to smooth out daily weight fluctuations to give you a better idea of your "real" weight. It's like a stock price graph.

The principle is part of the Hacker's Diet; you can get more information about that here:

I like it because I know as long as my current weight is below the trend line I'm moving in the right direction. Takes a lot of the agony out of plateaus and water bloat days.

COLOURFULME Posts: 4,699
10/25/11 4:09 P

Just subscribed and I am too wondering what physicsdiet is?

HAPPYENZO Posts: 830
10/25/11 4:07 P

What is the physicsdiet ??

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
10/25/11 3:59 P

You can sign up ANY TIME between now and Monday November 7 at midnight, USA Eastern Time.

If you're in the process of losing weight right now, you might as well sign up NOW, so your starting weight will be higher.

Weigh in weeks will go from Tuesday when I get the numbers crunched and charts updated until the following Monday (midnight, USA Eastern time). You can weigh in any time during the week. You can weigh in more than once if you're afraid you'll forget, and if you do, I'll just take the latest weight and delete the earlier one(s).

Yeah SALSIFY, it'll be tough. But I figure you can take it. You've kicked my butt in this challenge both in consistently losing and in % weight removed. Game On, dudette. LOL

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SALSIFY Posts: 497
10/25/11 3:53 P

As the Scary Loser Challenge has been lucky for me, I'll carry on with Jolliest Loser. I'm not sure how I'll make it through Xmas & New Year without a gain, but the physicsdiet average has been very forgiving so far - so I might as well test it to the limit!


COLOURFULME Posts: 4,699
10/25/11 3:49 P

Super! Then I will subscribe. It is so much easier for me since the scale is in Kg.
My weigh in day is always Friday and I live at the other side of the big pond so I will always be to early anyway I guess.
Right now it is close to midnight, 11 minutes to it.

HAPPYENZO Posts: 830
10/25/11 3:49 P

This sounds like what I need! WONDERFUL! Do we sign up NOW and put in all the info or the week of November 7th?

HAPPYENZO Posts: 830
10/25/11 3:37 P

Yep yep, you are so right!

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
10/25/11 3:34 P

Since we're doing this in PERCENTAGE, yes, absotively posilutely you can do it in kg.

You can also use Metric Tonnes, Atomic Mass Units, Solar Mass, or even inverse Compton wavelength and Schwarzschild radius.


COLOURFULME Posts: 4,699
10/25/11 3:31 P

Can I subscribe in Kg instead of Lb?

And yes once you reply to this thread you get a notification of every following posting but you can always subscribe to a topic as well by hitting the subscribe button.

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
10/25/11 3:24 P

When you post something to this forum, under the box where you put in your text, isn't there a little box under the lower left corner that is checked and says " I want an email to be sent to me when anyone replies to this topic"?

I'm pretty sure that's how I subscribe to this thread... Am I missing something?

NORA-L SparkPoints: (59,298)
Fitness Minutes: (2,342)
Posts: 2,813
10/25/11 3:19 P

I don't like that I couldn't subscribe to this thread.

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
10/25/11 2:58 P

Sign up here:

To be part of the current challenge you need to join by Monday, November 7, midnight EST. After that you will need to wait until the next one.

We will record our weights (and % body fat if you happen to measure it) once a week, for 8 weeks (through January 2). You can use any method for calculating your weight that you like. (For example, you can use the weighted moving average from


1. Post your weigh-in every week no later than midnight Eastern Time, Monday, on a link that will be provided.

2. You can post your weekly weight anytime during the week, but must be no later than midnight EST on Monday.

3. If you gain, you are OUT of the running for the title of Jolliest Loser.
(But keep logging for a consolation prize - we'll track how many times everyone posts a weight within range among the 8 weeks of the challenge and you'll stay on the challenge graph)

4. If you don't post your weight each week by midnight on Monday, you are OUT of the challenge altogether.

5. If you lose or maintain, you stay IN the challenge for the title of Jolliest Loser.

6. The challenge will run for eight weeks (through January 2) or until there are three participants remaining, whichever is sooner.

There will be no late weigh-ins or late sign ups. This means if you post at or after 12:01am Eastern Time on Tuesday, you are OUT of the challenge.

Food season is UPON US! Who wants to join forces and push through to their goals IN SPITE of all the temptations hovering?

Check it out. This is even reflected in our seasonal icons!

Halloween emoticon
Thanksgiving emoticon emoticon
Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc. emoticon emoticon emoticon
Boxing Day emoticon
New Year's emoticon

And after that we'll have THESE to contend with:

Superbowl Sunday emoticon emoticon emoticon
Valentine's Day emoticon emoticon
Mardi Gras emoticon emoticon emoticon
St. Patrick's Day emoticon emoticon emoticon
Easter emoticon emoticon

It's the time of year I dread, because I seem to have to work extra hard to keep from overindulging. Maybe this challenge can help with that!

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