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8/28/11 7:20 P

Thank God she bypassed the
Gulf of Mexico!

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8/28/11 4:52 P

Neither really - I did not lose power at home - I was at work and the lights actually went off for about 30 seconds (long time - when you are on the ground floor with no windows) - and my road can get water logged in a realy good show - but nothing that was impossible to drive through this time

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8/28/11 8:59 A

I was lucky and didn't lose power. We had major flooding all around town and all around my condo building (I live on a major river), but the building itself remained dry. The water rose to within a foot of the doors, but didn't actually come in.

I almost feel guilty because so many people in my area did lose power and did have water in their houses. There are a lot of trees down and a lot of minor/moderate damage ... but there doesn't seem to have been much major damage.

Llou (Hampton Roads area, Virginia)

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8/28/11 7:21 A

Lost power

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