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Thank you very much. That is one of the sites I was looking at. I'm just going to dive in and start experimenting with it.

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6/18/12 11:43 A

My boyfriend likes to just chop it and add it to soup for a crunch factor. I've seen them use it on Chopped and I think they made it into chips and also a puree.

I just did a quick search and found this info and some very yummy sounding recipes (I might have to give them a try as well!!):

An interesting note, lotus root is very good for combatting congestion. We have a jar of pickled lotus rootlets and when either of us are congested or have a cold starting we will eat a couple and they seem to help break up the gunk in the chest. Or we'll add a couple slices to a hot cup of tea...

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6/17/12 3:29 P

Ive never eaten lotus root and was just given some.
I looked up a few recipes but would appreciate any suggestions
for best dishes.
Thank you


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