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BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
4/26/12 8:00 P

Information overload is a big problem. My suggestion is to stick with one thing at a time. Finish one thing before starting another unless they are compatible. Best wishes on your journey. emoticon

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
4/26/12 12:12 P

It is really easy to get overwhelmed! I agree with starting out with the food & fitness trackers. I also found it helpful in the very beginning to use my Sparkpoints page as my guide. By the time I finished point-gathering, I was usually Sparked out for the day.

I will join up with a challenge when my current fitness routine needs an oomph, but there is no reason to NOT start with a challenge!

Welcome & have fun!

My Sparkpage is set to private, but I'm open to SparkMail!

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4/26/12 11:53 A

Its okay, just slow down. Just cause you joined spark (step # 1) does not mean you have to jump in and use everything. Get familiar, see what you think will benefit you most, P.S. I recommend tracking food and fitness and then start to incorporate other things. The more comfortable you get the more you can use. We are here to help and support eachother, Best of luck to you!! emoticon

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MBERS88 Posts: 10
4/26/12 11:49 A

Just joined and love the adventure in exploring Sparkpeople. But with all the info, links, stories, videos and message boards I'm getting overwhelmed! Feel like I'm taking on more than I can chew (lol)....joined a fitness 4 wk challenge...then I thought, but how does that fit in with my prior established fitness routine? Thx for any advice on how you handle this.

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