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4/30/12 10:51 A

I feel that I have some of the same pain issues you have. I had a hip replacement, now my knees hurt, my shoulders hurt, etc. I was pretty active (Not quite like you). I had been going to Curves but that became too painful. Now I am signed up at the Y for swimming and I have found a new way to good health. I swim every morning before work and love it.

Posts: 1,080
4/30/12 9:58 A

It sounds like being an athlete is a key to your identity. Cling to that and find help to make it manifest in your body.

As you are adapting to the arthritis and tendonitis, try to get a PT referral (my mom, who has RA has been in PT for years!) and find a PT who understands that being an athlete is non-negotiable and will work with you in that direction. Create workouts with that PT that you can do, that will strengthen you and reinforce that you are still an athlete!

This reincarnation of your inner athlete may look a little different from what you are used to, but that is OK. There are many, many different ways to be an athlete.

I don't know what kind of athletics you've been into, but here's a link that inspires me:

Here's a man who has adpated to a different incarnation of athlete. You can do the same!

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4/30/12 9:21 A

Do you have access to a pool? A lot of folks with joint pain find themselves able to use swim as exercise. Even walking against resistance in shallower water can be a good workout.

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4/30/12 8:43 A

head in and talk to your doctor about what you can [and should] be doing based on your medical issues. you know you can't really do contact football anymore, but there are probably some things you can do [swimming, maybe yoga] that you can start to focus on becoming as good at as the things that you used to do.
and set little goals for those things. take measurements, note how long it takes you to do things or how many you can do. that way you can see the progress as you get better.
the other thing that some/most people struggle with is actually doing stuff. i hate getting myself to exercise. this morning i hemmed and hawed for 20 minutes before i went on a run. and it should be noted that my run was only 20 minutes. i feel much better after doing it, even though i have to force myself to do it in the first place. you may just have to suck it up and do it [whatever it that your doc thinks should be appropriate exercise for you], like it or not. odds are you'll feel better after even if you complain beforehand.

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4/30/12 12:12 A

All my life I have been an athlete, I loved the body sports gave me and I loved feeling strong. This attitude carried over for almost 30 years! After turning 50 and struggling with degenerative knee arthritis and tendentious in both hands I ache too bad and am often too tired to work out... My mind says i am willing...but the body says otherwise...I'm trying to find that one "spark" of motivation to move me off of parked on zero...ideas please...where can I begin to reintroduce my body to gentle exercise... emoticon

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