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Matured Lentil Seeds

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9/24/11 11:24 A

I think the answer is on the third day.

I've never sprouted lentils, so I googled it. Quite a few responses. Here's an excerpt from one website and the link to the full website. I left out the steps that you likely already practice if you've been sprouting.

Let sit in water overnight(12 hours).
4The next day drain off water.
5Rinse and drain once or twice daily and keep out of sunlight.
6On the third day (some people wait till the 4th) you will have sprouts with about a 1/4-1/2" tail on them.

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9/24/11 9:03 A

Guiiya, I'm also a vegeterian and eat lentils frequently. As far as I know lentils are very different from Mung beans. 1/2 cup of cooked lentils is about 155 cals. I suspect the mungs are the same BEFORE sprouting. The mung bean sprouts alone are very low in calories - only 31 cals. per cup.

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9/13/11 11:56 A

I have been trying to up my protein and since I am a vegetarian, I have started to use lentils in the process. In trying to figure out what the caloric intake for the way I cook them, I have a silly question to ask. I am Indian by birth and use mung lentil very often. I soak the mung beans overnight and sprout them or at that point, I will bake them and cook them with spices. At which point are the beans matured? TIA


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