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9/13/12 5:02 P

You can just adjust the proportions of what you eat, so if the meal is say, lasagne, bread and salad, you could have a smaller portion of the lasagne and a bigger portion of the salad with light dressing, and skip the bread. Or if it's burritos, have your burrito toppings with some veggies instead of tortillas. No need to cook separately even if your family members have different nutritional needs than you. On the other hand, usually the whole family can stand to eat better, so it's best to just cook healthier meals and everyone eats the same thing. I don't use the meal plans here, I buy the produce that is in season (cheaper) and proteins that are inexpensive and not too fatty (chicken, fish, pork loin), and cook beans or brown rice from scratch (pressure cooker helps a lot), and it's not very expensive at all.

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9/12/12 8:28 A

I don't use the pre-set meals. I make my own. I use the recipe calculator if I need to, and just make sure to measure and portion what I eat. I make one meal. I might make an extra side for my kids one night, or a different frozen veg for me and them (in single servings), but I make our main dish all the same. (I don't do a lot of casseroles or mixed type dishes because my husband restricts his carbs and eats ridiculous amounts of protein. So, I do a main lean protein dish, then veg or fruit or whatever on the side.)

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Why do you have to make yourself a separate meal? Are you referring to using the meal plans that are listed here? I don't use the pre-made meal plans, but I create my own, a week in advance. I take the time on weekends to sit down and figure out the nutritional values for everything I make, that way I plan ahead and know what's coming. You can check out my shared food tracker via my sparkpage to see what kinds of meals I make :)

I don't cook for 4, just 2 of us, but I just make a healthy meal that serves 4-6. My boyfriend is the opposite of me, he is trying to GAIN weight, so I try to find things that have what he needs (lots of protein) but I can still have. He usually ends up eating 1.5-2 servings, and I just have 1. It's worked out OK so far. I could see where I would run into issues if I had picky eaters though.

Also, a website with healthy meals that have all the calorie info is I've actually found a lot of her recipes are already entered into the tracker too. She has a husband at least 2 or 3 kids so a lot of her meals are kid-friendly also.

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9/11/12 12:48 P


I have asked the same question for years and years and I have yet to get an answer. What I had decided to do was to multiply the meal by 4 or 5 (i have my mil) and feed the same to my family. That being said, I feel that it is very expensive. What I have done since then is to change the eating habits of the family. I now serve only healthy options. (well most of the time) My hubby and I also work full time and we have two teen boys now and my mil. My youngest is into football and his health. My older son could care less. We do not eat white bread but never had. We do eat white rice and pasta but I try to change it to healthier ones when they are on sale. I buy lots of fish when it is on sale and take advantage of sales on meats and chicken. I serve more veggies (the ones they like) whomever does not like the veggie served at dinner doesn't have to eat it but then his meal will not fill him properly.

We do not use butter, smartbalance is our choice. Olive oil is primary and really very little in the way of whole eggs. I buy the substitute at costco. I do utilize shredded cheeses. But for the most part I do not use prepackaged full of preservative foods. I cook from scratch and try to impose healthier options. Everyone gets a lunch packed. They only drink water now. hope it helped..Feel free to pm me if you have any questions I can help with

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I've never really understood calorie counting or these weight loss websites in how they work in families with more than one person. I have a family of 4, my husband and I work full time, I cook dinners every night minus weekends and usually have the leftovers for lunch the next day. I barely have enough time to go to the bathroom let alone cook a meal for my self and then another meal for the rest of my family....

How moms/dads use these pre-set meal plans with such busy schedules and a budget?

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