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5/15/12 11:44 A

Thank you. I think that will work. :)

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5/15/12 6:28 A

I quite often track in for the next day, then I've planned what I'm going to have and do my best to stick to it. No reason you can't do it a week in advance. Just click on the forward and back arrow buttons next to the day.

I've found the 'groupings' setting in the tracker a good way of inputting my own recipes, you can create one item containing lots of ingredients, so you put in all the ingredients in your recipe for say, chicken kebabs, once and then you've got it saved to use it next time.

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5/14/12 11:06 P

Is there a way to plan a 7 day menu from scratch?

I have figured out the tracking portion of daily intake....

And I see where SparkPeople offers pre-set menus with the ability to substitue items or meals....

But I want to create my own menu from my own recipes.

Is this possible?

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