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6/21/11 1:53 P

Eat your chicken...but not fried and take off the skin. ENJOY!

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SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
6/21/11 6:22 A

I miss KFC !

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6/16/11 9:45 P

My plans are regular, and they do have vegan lentil burgers for dinner. Lunch was tilapia. The only way to know for sure, that I know of, would be to completely start over. You'd lose anything you've done so far.

There is a message board where a Spark expert can help with this, to check without erasing anything. It's under "Get Help Here," site/technical help, on the page that lists the message boards. emoticon

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GRANNY2401 Posts: 7
6/16/11 8:24 P

Thanks for the info Swiftseaturtle. I tried to search my input to see if I had inadvertently checked "vegetarian" someplace. However, couldn't find it. Maybe you can send me to the right place...or is it really necessary since I can "swap". Thanks, again.

6/16/11 8:15 P

Of course you can substitute. Just so whatever you eat is not over in calories. You can track whatever you eat, and the tracker will let you know how you did. Are you sure you didn't choose a vegetarian plan by mistake?

GRANNY2401 Posts: 7
6/16/11 7:01 P

This is my third week. I'm doing ok so far. However, would like to know when we get to eat chicken on the diet plan. There are a lot of meatless meals throughout the week. Sure would like to have some chicken. Guess I can just substitute???

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