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INQUISITIVEONE SparkPoints: (58,982)
Fitness Minutes: (16,461)
Posts: 1,575
11/18/11 9:34 P

I'm in. I need to get myself back in the habit of moving more often.

ANNECEK SparkPoints: (46,862)
Fitness Minutes: (43,760)
Posts: 1,148
11/18/11 8:52 P

I started a team that is centered around FITmas! Come join us.. the team name is Merry FITmas!

ANNECEK SparkPoints: (46,862)
Fitness Minutes: (43,760)
Posts: 1,148
11/18/11 6:43 P

Great job Tabikat! It is not about anyone else but celebrating you and the spirit of FITmas! Ten minutes a day is the challenge! If you do more that's great. Do what you can and build on that!! Congratulations on doing your FITmas!

TABIKAT57 SparkPoints: (3,829)
Fitness Minutes: (4,784)
Posts: 119
11/18/11 6:32 P

Okay, looking at everyone else, I feel silly. Haven't danced in years and haven't excerzied since 1972. Can't you tell I just love the idea. But I did Dance2 on Wii for 15 minutes. Hope that counts cause my pulse was sure racing.

ANNECEK SparkPoints: (46,862)
Fitness Minutes: (43,760)
Posts: 1,148
11/18/11 5:49 P

Great Job everyone!! Make a FITmas gift to yourself!

Dance Central 2- 60 minutes.

Merry FITmas! Catch the spirit!!

THISISIT-PA Posts: 774
11/18/11 5:33 P

Great idea! I've done well all year and want to end the year the same way!

60 minutes deep water aerobics
60 minutes water pilates

KAYSEA6 SparkPoints: (3,787)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1,260
11/18/11 11:54 A

10 min emoticon

VIBRANTVAL Posts: 2,889
11/18/11 10:02 A

Yippee ki yay!

11/16 40 minutes-walk/jog 5k training
11/17 10 minutes-ST

FEISTYOWL SparkPoints: (21,666)
Fitness Minutes: (19,704)
Posts: 613
11/18/11 9:40 A

You know I'm in!! Just what I need right now to get me through the holidays and not slack about it.

11/16 - 70 minutes - Kinect Dance Central 2 and crunches
11/17 - 15 minutes - Kinect Fruit Ninja

ANNECEK SparkPoints: (46,862)
Fitness Minutes: (43,760)
Posts: 1,148
11/17/11 11:10 P

Hi, be sure and post your 10 minutes of FITmas here!

11/16 Cardio- Dance Central2-60 minutes
11/17 Cardio- Dance Central 2- 80 minutes

TABIKAT57 SparkPoints: (3,829)
Fitness Minutes: (4,784)
Posts: 119
11/16/11 9:31 P

Here's the "anti-up" I've been looking for! Hi, I'm Michele and have with Sparks for around 2 weeks and this is my first challenge. I'm well within my diet plan, eat all my fruits/veggies and drink my water. I started @ 222 lbs. and now I'm at 214 - all water of course.

Thanks for starting this!

ANNECEK SparkPoints: (46,862)
Fitness Minutes: (43,760)
Posts: 1,148
11/16/11 11:46 A

We started a challenge at the Kinect to Health and Fitness team but I thought why not have as many people join as we can. There are 6 1/2 weeks until the end of the year so instead of packing on the pounds, why not do something about? Resolve to exercise 10 minutes a day until the end of the year! I know once I get started, I do more than that! There is a potential to loose 14 pounds!!! Let's get a jump on the New Year resolutions!!! emoticon

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