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1/18/12 6:37 P

I think mini-goals are smart bnecause they are easily attainable and encourage you to work more. The more mim oals you set, the more successes you have, and the closer to your long term goal you will be. Good job on dropping a pant size, thats awesome! I need to lose quite a bit of weight in the long run as well so I feel for where youre coming from!

PJIDDY Posts: 48
1/18/12 1:12 P

thank you very much. its compliments like that that i need to keep me going.

SHIROIHANA Posts: 2,029
1/18/12 12:12 P

Thank you for sharing your goals. You are absolutely right, it's about holding yourself accountable for your actions because nobody can achieve your fitness goals but yourself. You are on the right track...

PJIDDY Posts: 48
1/18/12 11:23 A

ive been trying to keep mini goals going as i work my way to my ulitmate weight goal which is 175. right now im 285 so you see how i have a ways to go. my first mini goal was the get into a size 22 jeans since i was wearing a size 24, well now that i got into a size 22 my next mini goal is to get into a size 20 jeans and lose 10 pounds by april or even sooner would be great. i have set quite a few mini goals for myself such as...275 by 4/15/12, 260 by 8/15/12, 245 by 12/15/12, 230 by 4/15/13, 215 by 8/15/13, and 200 by 12/1/13 (my 24th birthday). though i hope to reach my goals sooner i figured it was a good start to making my goals resonable. i promised myself that when i get down to my ulitmate weight im gonna by a whole new wardrobe for my new look and my new body. i feel that sharing my goals will help me stay on track.

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