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Motivation is really something that comes from inside each of us. It's like a little bitty spark inside, that we need to fuel so that it bursts into flame. Sometimes all by ourselves, we can get that flame going so it's a regular blazing inferno. And other times, it's like a tiny ember just barely glowing, and it seems like we lack the energy or determination or will, to add some kindling and blow on it a bit, to get it going.

So I'm going to try to encourage you to get that kindling out and fan that ember. Think of the reasons why a healthy lifestyle are important to you. And the goals you've got set for yourself. If your long-term goals seem so far off-- set some short-term goals. The long-term is the "destination" but there are LOTS of little goals and successes we can and SHOULD celebrate along way in this journey. I am a big believer in lots of little goals, and rewarding the hell out of myself. And I'm not talking about just the number on the scale.

If a full workout seems like too much, do 10 minutes. If the going is really rough, cut yourself some slack for a while. I don't have to do "perfect"-- I just have to do "better" than I used to. Which was lying on the couch eating potato chips and growing a bigger butt while I was depressed about my weight.

If you've got some physical issues making it hard for you to exercise, or you're missing the types of foods you used to eat a lot of-- instead of focusing on what you can't do or can't have -- focus on what you CAN do. It helped me tremendously to make a list of the healthy foods I really really like, that I CAN have. Fresh pineapple and kiwi and nonfat vanilla yogurt (omg, I could eat my weight in that stuff!) and grilled chicken and broccoli. I go through the grocery store and load my cart up with all kinds of fabulous healthy things that I can eat. I love the Produce Dept. and look every week for something new to try.

Take a look at some of the motivational Spark pages-- go to Spark pages under the "Community" tab at the top of this page. I find it particularly helpful for me, to search out people who have worse "problems" than me, who have found the strength and determination to overcome obstacles. Like medical issues or physical issues or whatever. If THEY can do it, surely a weenie and a whiner like me can do it too.

Rise up and do something good for yourself-- I've found that if I can get just 10 minutes of some kind of cardio, I feel so much better about myself that I want to just continue doing good.

Most of all, know that there are Sparkers out here who SOOOOO want you to find a way to fan that ember into a flame that will keep you going.

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Lacking Motivation = 3

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