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3/8/12 12:36 P

�*�.�..(*�.�♥�.�*�')�.�*��*�.� (*�.�♥�.�*�')�.�*��*�.�
♥��� * Welcome To Sparkpeople *���`�♥
�*�.�..(*�.�♥�.�*�')�.�*�.�.�*.. (*�.�♥�.�*�')�.�*��*�.�

***Just wanted to take a moment and welcome you to Sparkpeople. Joining Sparkpeople is on of the best decisions I have made and I know you will love it as well.

***Try joining a spark team. The support and motivation that belonging to a team will help you stay on track. This can be found under �Community�.

***Make short term goals. They will help reaching your long term goals manageable. If you look under �My Trackers� click on �Other Goals� and you can set your short term and long term goals. Sparkpeople offers some for you to choose from or you can create your own.

***Try using the nutritional tracker. It really makes it easier to stay within your daily nutritional goals. This can be found under �My Trackers�.

***Read the many success stories to help you stay focused and motivated. This can be found under �Community�.

***Be patient. This is a journey not a marathon. If you need support during your journey please feel free to email me anytime. I am more than happy to be your spark friend during your journey.

***Check out Challenge Central. There are many challenges designed to keep you on track such as the Official 10-Minute Daily Exercise Streak Challenge, SparkPeople 8-Week Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge, Official 28-Day Bootcamp Workout Challenge, and many others that may interest you. This can be found under �Community�.

***Under the �Community� tab you�ll find Secrets of Success. There you will find tips from members to help make your journey easier.

***Do exercises that you enjoy. Working out can be fun.

***Please feel free add me as a friend, and I'll do the same.

You can do this. Believe in yourself. You are worth this journey.
In friendship and support,

�*�.�..(*�.�♥�.�*�')�.�*��*�.� (*�.�♥�.�*�')�.�*��*�.�
♥��� * Welcome To Sparkpeople *���`�♥
�*�.�..(*�.�♥�.�*�')�.�*�.�.�*.. (*�.�♥�.�*�')�.�*��*�.�

ARCTICMOM86 Posts: 2,658
3/6/12 1:10 P

Hi! Welcome to Sparkpeople! This is an awesome website, full of supportive members & great information. Use your "my SparkPoints" daily as a checklist to help you utilize SparkPeople to the fullest. Good Luck with your goals!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/6/12 12:12 P


SparkPeople is a wonderful resource, you are going to be so glad you joined!!


My best advice would be to just get involved on the site, join a team, start tracking your meals and daily fitness activities.


Set some small achievable goals that you can reach short term, checking off a goal is a great motivator.


Best of luck on your journey, have a blast, you can do this!!!!

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3/6/12 11:12 A

Welcome & you are right, this isn't a diet but a lifestyle change!!

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3/6/12 11:00 A

Hello everyone. First of all I choose not to call any this a diet, but I prefer to say I'm promoting a healthier lifestyle. I'm no stranger to this but it takes support from others and you have to learn to be creative. I lost 32 lbs and gained it all back plus when I became pregnant. I can say I'm finally motivated again and I have my husband on this journey this time around.

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