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2/12/11 9:53 A

Hi Ponytrot!

Nice to meet you.

I wanted to let you know there is a great website and support group for people with MCS called The Canary Report. People there range from folks with just a slight intolerance to people who are filing for Disability because of MCS.

One thing I have discovered over the years is that some foods have chemicals that trigger my MCS, such as wheat grown in America that has been sprayed with bromine. That is just one example. Everyone has their own intolerance level. Mine is MOSTLY perfumes also. It has impacted my life in unimaginable ways; no church, no malls, no makeup. But in many ways, life is much simpler and more enjoyable. So there are gives and takes.

There is a lot of great information on the Canary Report pages. You might find it an interesting site to poke around. Here is a link. Hope to see you around.

PONYTROT Posts: 268
2/12/11 1:10 A

I have sensitivities or allegies to almost every perfume, even scented deoderants or detergents, etc. I always buy the unscented or "fragrance free" versions, but sometimes these can still have enough of a smell to bother/annoy me, but they don't have the breathing or allergic dermatitis problems /hives I can get with perfumes. I find avoidance and speaking up when necessary to change seats or to ask coworkers' consideration for my needs helps me to cope also.
I am VERY glad so many places are now smokefree. That helps.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
2/10/11 12:54 A

No, I don't have that, but have read about people who do. I'd look up Dr. Fittt on YOUTUBE and ask him.
He recommends a book "The Yeast Syndrome" which I found on Amazon(.)com as he says many of the problems we have with strange illnesses comes from Yeast infections in our bodies. It is an interesting book.

2/8/11 10:31 P

Anyone else with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or Intolerance to Fragrance?

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