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11/1/11 3:25 P

I have plateaued at least 3 times in the last 16 months. Each time, it has become easier to deal with. Why? Because this is the way I live now. I'll loose the weight and/or the inches or both if I keep doing what I'm doing.

This is a long term program of living healthy, not a diet, after all.

Keep going!


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11/1/11 3:51 A

Five lbs. may not seem like much, but pick up a 5lb sack of potatoes! Good for you for being motivated and I know it's hard not to weigh yourself every day - I have been for many months. When you say you are at a plateau, how long have you been at the same weight? I think that writing down everything you eat is a wonderful way of noticing what is keeping your weight from dropping. If you are losing inches, then that is your reward too! Keep on doing what your doing. Every minute of every day can be a new start. If you forget that you are trying not to eat something rich or processed and it slips past the lips, just spend the rest of your day making healthy choices. You are striving for lifestyle change, so be patient and good to yourself. Best to you!

10/31/11 9:30 P

You know what's more important, at this point, than anything else? Believing in yourself. Having that resolve to know that, no matter what the scale says or how long it takes to move, you will stick with the program because, eventually, it will yield results. I can't emphasize that enough and if you visit my page and read my story, you will immediately understand why I call myself "BEMORESTUBBORN..." You're doing great, keep on going!

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10/31/11 9:22 P

After pouting for a little while today I decided to get up and get out of the house and go for a walk. Came back and did a Leslie Sansone DVD. I'll dance my 15 min. later and be happy that by 7pm I made my 10,000 steps. I'm glad I'm getting the support I need. I'm hoping to get below 200 by Thanksgiving. I haven't been that low in 14 years. With the support of my family (husband and kids) and Sparkpeople I feel I can make that goal.

10/31/11 6:06 P

Stick with it and keep on doing what you're doing. The sobering truth is that you will hit more than one plateau on the way down - that was my experience. Also, weight fluctuates daily. Even something as insignificant as eating something with too much sodium, will make your cells retain water. It's not unusual to gain as much as three pounds just in water. So, don't despair. Keep your eye on that measuring tape and rejoice. It's a process that takes time and lots of patience!

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10/31/11 1:44 P

Thanks, I really needed to hear that today. My husband is also being supportive. I'm very hard on myself when I think I could do better. I need to concentrate on those inches and keep doing what I've been doing to get them off. Found out this morning my pedometer wasn't registering all my steps. Ran around the house doing stuff and it didn't register anything. Put a new one on that I bought this weekend. The old one is from when McDonald's 1st put out salads and a pedometer with each salad bought. Hadn't wore it in years.

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10/31/11 12:53 P

congratulations, you will generally loose inches before weight

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10/31/11 11:21 A

Hit my 1st plateau today. Even though I know I'm not supposed to; I check my weight daily out of habit. I know this last week I have been bouncing between 203 and 204. Today it was 204. I decided to check my measurements a week early to remind myself that I'm headed in the right direction. My waist is much smaller and so are my hips. Something to celebrate. Getting my exercise DVDs out to get over this plateau. Just wanted to remind myself that I'm making progress this week. emoticon

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