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Don't quit.

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5/7/12 1:09 P

hey u can do anything u put ur mid to i too am w u i hate myself and am tiered of feeling horrible so i too am doing something about it. gl to i believe u can do it keep up the great work

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Jan. 3, 2012

I have be disgusted with the way I look for so many years and sometimes in the past I would attempt to do something about it, but allowed negative thoughts in my head or unrealistic ideas of what I should look like to ruin my chances before I even started. I am currently 37 and I'm not getting any younger. I have been heavy all of my adult years. I began gaining weight my sophomore year of HS. I was able to loose some of that weigh my junior and senior years but nowhere enough to where I was happy with myself. I decided to start, not attempt, start this journey I want to look on the outside the way my hubby says I look on the inside. I want to stop being disgusted with myself and feel amazing about myself. I am hoping that these journal entries will help me put a stop to all the negative thoughts I have by getting them out of my head. Maybe doing so will help me find a positive, non-pill way of controlling or relieving my depression.

Before I joined Sparkpeople or even began exercising this year, I lost an estimated 20 pounds or so. I say that because my 30/32 pants are really loose on me now and my 28s fit me better as well as my bathrobe is no longer strangling the life out of my biceps.

On the exercise front, I will be using a Total Gym, Wii games, and Kinect games to fill in cardio and add some fun to my routine. I have already written up a schedule for my day and made of list of "exercises" for me to apply to my daily routine. I have a group of friends that I love dearly that have also joined Sparkpeople so we all can motivate and support each other even though we all live so very far away from each other. We will "virtually" push each other to do our very best and pick each other up when we fail to make our goal.

My ultimate goal is to be healthier and happier

May 6, 2012

I calculated the calories of one of our typical breakfasts we each on quite a regular basis. Not including a 20 oz. of tea I usually drink with it, it is 737 calories. Not bad for starting off the day. That leaves me with 663 calories for my lunch and dinner meals for 1400 calories per day plan. If I add the tea, that meal is a total of 2597 calories. That is just not acceptable. Doing the actual math is just shocking.

My calculations are as follows...
1.5 cups of sugar + 1 gallon of tea = 11,894 calories for the whole gallon.--that is more than a weeks work of caloric meals, 2094 more for the whole week of food.
11,894 calories / 128 oz (1 gal) = 92.9 {93} calories per oz. of sweet tea.
93 oz x 20 oz= 1860 calories for one 20 oz glass of tea.

It is very clear to me that I will have to limit drinking tea to the occasions of when I go out & since it isn't that often, I will eliminate 55,800 calories each month from my calorie intake. That equals 669,600 calories each year. Eliminating that glass of tea every day will equal 478 days (nearly 15 months) worth of meals. That is astounding.

May 6, 2012 (8:00 p.m.)

I can see there is going to be an issue in my home in regards to junk food. My husband and I were at Dollar General today picking up a few things for dinner. We just got out of the pool and I worked out for 2 hours and was obviously hungry. I told him, "We need to hurry up and get out of the store before I buy something I shouldn't." He said, "You're gonna have to treat yourself in order to say on track." I replied, "Yes, I know, I had a Snickers two days ago. I can't treat myself everyday with junk food."

He complains all the time about loosing weight and not having the energy to do most anything. He always chalks it up to not sleeping well. Well, exercising and eating more properly will help you sleep better. But he fights it. I can see that we are going to have issues with junk food in the house. I grew up in a house without junk food. Even right now I am craving sugar just like I was at DG earlier today. I ate an apple then. I might eat a banana this time. I'm combating the sugar cravings with water mostly, but I'm not sure what I can do to sub fruit when we don't have the money to purchase it. I may have to head to the message boards for some help and answers.

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