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7/5/12 11:02 P

Isn't it amazing, how powerful these simple ideas are, and how quickly (and deeply) they sink in??

Welcome to the group!

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7/5/12 9:21 P

I've been listening to the IOWL podcasts for about 2 1/2 weeks now and I feel completely transformed! The idea of towards motivations, continuous improvement, self-correcting, questioning and erasing limiting beliefs, and having relaxed positive intent have been so powerful and life-changing for me.
Also, I've been using the Pre-Do every night before I go to bed, to create an intent for the next day. This has really helped me stay on track.
Tonight I will begin to write in my success journal before bed.

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1/7/12 9:27 A

Episode 10 Continuous Improvement part 2. Completed on 11/13

As I said I have struggled with the re-do. I think because my eating patterns do not always occur out of stress but out of laziness(I am sometimes to literal). Nothing quick in the house to eat so I begin to imagine different things to eat. Well the light bulb finally went on. I have to imagine what the other possibilities are when I am having that moment.

1. shop for quick easy weekend food that is also reasonably healthy or healthier than some other choices

2. Remember how pizza/mexican makes me feel 2 hours later......heartburn

3. Try to decrease food delivery(less options) consider trying a fun recipe for the weekend.

Saturday night I did not eat until I got hungry. It was a little later than the time I normally eat. I was so tired from 1 hour 45 min of exercise. (I DID IT) I wanted KFC chicken pot pie(too much sodium and calories) I remembered that we had chicken breast and some lettuce so I had chicken salad. No heart burn afterwards....YEA!!!!

Building from my mistakes: Hmmm this is a problem because I have a tendency to just release it and move on. "ok it's over and done traa laa laa" But in reality I never move on because I never dealt with the issue that caused me to have a problem. hmmmmmm ya think this might be why I struggle with the re-do..... yea me tinks that tooo! LOL

Another one of my struggles is that I am not the most creative person. I have moments of brilliance but it is not my norm. I know(hope) she is there somewhere....gotta find her!

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1/7/12 9:25 A

Episode 9 Continuous Improvement, Part I

Continuous Improvement aka "Baby Steps" This has kept me either on the path or at least be willing to come back to the path. I do not think that I have just flat out said forget this in over a year!!!!!! It might take me a minute to get to the path (exercise path) but I get there! I still get these wanna conquer the world moments and I have these grandiose plans but what do I come back steps.

I want to focus more on the redo. Not a night time thing for me as I pass out when I sit in the bed LOL But I will find a time where I can begin to journal about things I can do better!

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1/7/12 9:22 A

IOWL#8 The Naturally Slender Eating Strategy completed on 11/5/11

This podcast was very helpful at this time. There are things that I love but they no longer love me. And I have to think about the end result if I eat them. Sometimes I pass. Sometimes I don't but what I am pleased about is that I am THINKING!
The visualization was difficult. COULD NOT see any thing that I wanted. I think I am a smell person and I could smell fresh baked chicken, collard greens and mac/cheese. YUM.

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11/12/11 8:12 A

This episode is about the habits of the naturally slender.

I am one that currently don't have the fortitude to count calories. I could not even make it happen for a challenge on my team. emoticon What I am trying to do that the naturally slender do is move more. SO I am appealing to my body's "REAL" desire to move. I actually got 2 days of movement in so far this week. Monday:yoga, Tues:hip hop class. wed(nothing) tonight:hip hop again. I do ok with stopping when I am full 85% of the time. I will see how this goes as I continue my exercise

My blog from last year gives a little more detail of the podcast and what I was dealing with at the time!

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10/15/11 6:08 P

IOWL#6 Foods that make your life easier

I did a major post on this last year. I am happy to say that I do eat less process food than I used to, I try to ditch most of the food rules. Except when I was trying the 17 day diet. It is not a bad diet but it puts me in that state of deprivation do I have to leave that one alone. At least for now. I am interested and have been juicing and blending fruit/veggies. Usually at the beginning of the week.

I do agree with Clotaire Rapaille about all this knowledge and we still got problems. What I do know about my body is I need protein in the mornings or I will graze until the cows come home lol. And when I am lifting weights I have to make sure I get some good protein in or I will eat anything that sets itself before me. I do not do well with tomato based or spicy meals later in the evening. I wake up with heartburn.

Like Lisa I can not tell the difference in taste with organic but I do it when I can to decrease the pesticides in my diet. My body likes the home cooked meals better(physically) my mind likes to eat out on the weekend still(less work) ANOTHER BATTLE!

But overall I continue to make improvements in this area and I have learned to embrace the part of me that wants to eat out. I just hope she decides to make different choices at some point. WELL NAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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10/9/11 1:58 P

Reading your post has inspired me to get out my IOWL podcasts and start listening again!


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10/9/11 8:55 A


Renee Stephens: Behind every action, every behavior that we have there’s a positive intent
There are parts of this that I have started to believe is true.

This by far has been the hardest podcast for me to embrace. Mainly the part centered around the above statement.. Positive intents coming out of unwanted behavior..hmmm

Well after listening to this podcast all week I have updated my unwanted behaviors.
1. Eating when stressed.
2. Inconsistent with exercise
3. Giving in to being tired on the weekend and using it as an excuse to eat out AND then wanting it delivered. So that means chinese or pizza.
4. Not drinking enough water

This describes my overall feeling at times.
SOMETIMES I just want to eat what I want to eat. I don't want to "think" about how much water I had today, did I get 5 servings of f/v, did I exercise this week and how many days, If I eat mexican I will blow up like a helium balloon yada yada yada!

I do recognize that what I really want "the gift and the positive intent" is peace, relaxation freedom and comfort. AND balance.

I really want to end this tug of war and stop the extremes. So help me GOD I do!!
Soooo I was about to move into a new short term extreme.....juice/fruit and veggie fast for 10 days. This morning as I began to write this I decided NOPE this will only feed the extremist in me. Not healthy so I will juice more because I do enjoy it and it is an easy way for me to get my veggies in and whatever future decisions I make will be done gradually and with ease.

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10/2/11 9:43 A


"In order to build a house you have to make a plan and the plan must be detailed in order for the builder to complete the project."

In this podcast Renee gives an exercise for the listener to imagine being the person that you want to be. Imagining what you look like and the behaviors that you possess being this person
She asks the listener to think about this statement. How often do we try on for size what it is that we want in our life. When we see others with the things or life that we want we tend to operate in jealousy and envy but what we should do is take the time to Imagine how it would feel to have what they have, Imagine all of the ways it would be in you life at the level of behavior and thoughts, identity, feelings and beliefs to see if all of you likes it and it all of you really wants it....if all of you do want it, it will happen; if there is a part that is holding you back there is an opportunity to provide resources to help you obtain what it is that you want.

As I listened to this podcast repeatedly this week I found that it is easy for me to imagine what I want to look like but very difficult to imagine the behaviors.
These are the questions that I had to really think about.
Do you like how you feel being this person? Yes I do I like feeling thin and in control of my diet, full of energy with a healthy glow.

What is it that has held you back? feeling like I am loosing control over the very thing that I want. also discipline in carrying out the plans that I know will help me accomplish what I want.

Is there any part of you that objects to having what you want? Loosing control over my current behavior who just wings it. Starting off with a plan and then not feeling like following through because of stress, laziness, tiredness ETC! This takes A LOT OF WORK!

So the bottom line is YES I have objections to being fit and thin.
It is about the control and discipline that it will take in order for me to be who I want to be.
Next week she will take me deeper into this issue! emoticon

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9/24/11 8:48 A

IOWL #3. Guided Journey to Dream the Body of Your Dreams

This week's podcast builds more on the dreaming aspect of the journey(those towards motivators) Renee uses Walt Disney’s strategy for his success in the movie industry…Dreaming Then she shows the listener how to incorporate this process in order to turn your dreams into reality

Synopsis of steps
1. Dream your dream (create a comfortable environment for dreaming)
2. Make a plan from the dream to put into reality (plan/goals)
3. Allow criticism (to provide insight to things that had not been considered or things you ar ein denial about)
4. Go back to the dream and use the criticism given to assist you in resolving issues that the critic has brought to your mind

Both the dreamer and the critic are important and they both exist in your mind but they cannot operate at the same time. You have to turn the volume down on the critic while you are dreaming or you will never get anywhere.

Personally this has always been a place of struggle and after listening to this podcast I realize that my critic voice is always screaming and the dreamer was dormant. Probably paralyzed from all the screaming.

So what is my dream
I want to be sexier in my 50's!!! I want to be at a weight that I feel good at. Right now I think that will be around 130-135 pounds. I want to be fit and healthy. I want to be able to shop comfortably in the single digit sizes. I have a nice proportioned body with the trimmest arms that I can get and a stomach that does not meet my boobs. I have this fierce body because I have a exercise plan that is fun and flexible and not OVERLY time consuming. But the main thing is that I enjoy doing this exercise. My body is not only fit but flexible I don’t have joint pains because I have taken off the weight and I move my body on a regular basis. I have come to this place because my mind body and spirit are connected. I make food choices that support my health but I am not so rigid that I do not enjoy my food. My friends and family look at me like WOW!!!! (some will have other adjectives “wink”)
I feel vibrant, joyful and free…..

I will attend my hip hop exercise class 2-3 x/wk
Find a yoga class to attend 1-2x/wk
Make a new recipe 3x /month
Focus more on HEALTH and less on WEIGHT
Decrease computer time in order to make the above a reality
Stay connected to friends and socialize more
Rededicate time for spiritual practices

OK the critic can come out
You don’t have the time to do all of these things on a regular basis.
You get tired of planning meals, exercise, getting up super early
You don’t have the clothes to socialize and money is tight
The intentions are admirable but you have not been able to keep it up
Sounds a little rigid and like you are taking on a lot at once

The above statements are true. So with that in mind I will focus on one thing for a month. Still keeping the other things in my mind and doing them as I can but committing to ONE THING

With that said the thing I will tackle first is my computer time
Week 1: Monday-Friday: 1hr per night. But not 30 min before bedtime
Decrease by 5 min/week until you are down to 30 min.
During the time that is saved will be used for other productive activity: Your choice
Weekends: Balance between chores and other activities. (for now)

emoticon I am already sweating! Better enjoy this weekend LOL


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9/18/11 8:22 P

You can do this! I love your positive attitude and how you won't give up! Love that! I'm rooting for you! Stay tough and stay with it! You deserve to be healthy and happy with your bod. Don't give up!!

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9/18/11 8:06 P

IOWL #2 Knowing where you are
My notes from the podcast
~If you want to create a new body you have to design it have to dream about what you want or otherwise it wont happen
~Review from last week
Away from motivation(what you don't want) is the quickest way to light a fire to get you started
~This week we create the towards motivators in such a way that is self renewing and works for the long run.

Why is it important to document where you came from? You want to know what works so that you can use that information in other areas of your life. Sometimes when we get to where we are we forget that we ever had a struggle

What is it that you want????
I want to be enjoy my food choices and not label food. I want to eat when I am hungry choose what I want to eat and enjoy my choice with confidence.
I want to be sexy in my 50's into my 60's wearing clothes that I like and look good on me
I want to be flexible with a lot of energy.
I want my children and my SO to look at me and say "dayum" (the children can say WOW)

How will I feel when I attain these goals? Balanced, in control and full of confidence.

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9/5/11 9:35 A

IOWL-1 How to create lasting weight loss motivation

Major themes of this podcast
*You want 2 sided motivation towards and away from
*where you are now and how do you know you want to change
*Your habits define you time passes quickly in the status quo so bring your future in close and look at what you are creating now
*there is only one moment for action and that's now seize it!
*Throw out old weight loss ideas that involve requiring will power and deprivation is last century 21st century weight loss is about inner alignment and when you are aligned internally the universe bows to your intent.

Currently these are my motivators... I will revisit this list at least every 6 months but no longer than 1 yr.

Towards motivation What pulls me forward
Getting into smaller sized cute clothes that are on sale
Being able to say I am 50 and still turning heads
Being more attractive to my sweetheart(although he loves me as I am)
Looking and feeling sexy
Good health and living a long active life

Away from motivation What do I want to avoid
I want to move away from feeling tired
getting rid of my budda belly and large arms
Diabetes and potential complications of my sarcoidosis

What is that I am doing that I wish I were not doing
Not purchasing clothes which keeps me from doing anything socially
Purchasing clothes that hide my body.

What unwanted symptoms
Lack of consistancy with my eating and exercise.

What are the consequences of my behaviors
If I don't change I will become more socially isolated
I will eventually become diabetic or hypertensive

Who is affected by my current behavior~Everyone

I do believe I am doing better from when I started. BUT I still have a ways to go. I had said that I would purchase clothes in my current size that is flattering. Money(kinda) keeps me from doing this. NO EXCUSES ANYMORE. I can take 50/mo to purchase something for myself. If it costs more I can save for it or elect to find something that works in my price range. My health is good but since my last hiatus from exercise I am starting to feel sluggish again.

Preview of IOWL How to create towards motivation that will keep you going

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9/3/11 2:59 P

I have decided to restart my relationship with IOWL so this is the 2011 version of Dimi's IOWL journey!

IOWL~ Prologue
This is the opening poidcast that talks about the overall theme
The key talking points are

~Learn methods to set yourself up for success

~Part of you wants to be slim fit and healthy and the other part wants to do otherwise

~Each attempt that you make increases the probability of your success

~Changing the inner to change the outer

~Integration and transformation instead of deprivation or willpower

My struggle began in my my mind in college. I NEVER had a problem as a young person or in my teens. I began to “think” I was fat in my 20’s. I say that because when I look back at pictures I was not fat….not even overweight. My aunt(RIP) was a very tiny woman and when I got to the point that I was larger than she was (size 0-3) she would say little things regarding my weight. Nothing overt like you are getting fat but things like ooh baby you are leaving auntie(size wise) She truly loved me and I believed that her intent was to help me slow down. But since I was already struggling with my own body image in general; not thinking I was cute enough (did not have light skin or long hair)
her comments about my weight did not help. Most of the boys/young men were chasing
after the girls that were what I called light and long(light skinned and long hair) OR dark skinned with long hair. I was caramel with medium length hair.
I was never athletic as a young person but back in the day EVERYBODY took PE all the way to 12th grade. SOOO you know what happened when I went to college….YEP freshman 15. So I went from size 3 to a 5… Now I can’t believe I am saying this. By the time I found out I was pregnant with my oldest I was about 125. In my 30’s I crept up to 135 this is where my emotional eating set in. My mom was ill and I was a single parent, supervisor of 2 departments and a grieving only child. My mother passed away when I was 32; 7 yrs after being diagnosed with her brain tumor. It was the last year and a half that was the hardest. I looked up and both myself and my daughter were officially fat. I was not present enough in our lives to make a change. I tried WW but was not committed. I got serious in 2007 and lost 30 pounds but was caught up in what I could not have and still thought I was fat(yes I still had weight to lose about 20 pounds to goal) but I could not see the progress. WHY….poor self image.
Where am I today:
Now I am 50 I have a better self concept. It has taken 3-4 years of work, IOWL(Inside Out Weight Loss and ACIWL(A Course In Weight Loss) I love me…the total me flaws and all. But to prove that I have to show it on a CONSISTANT basis. I have major pendulum shifts. Great periods of eating great and exercises then great periods of not exercising and eating poorly. So my strive right now is to balance the two extremes.

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10/17/10 12:05 P

IOWL 12 Self Correcting Strategies

Renee says: "Self Correction is about re-balancing, renewing and responsible overeating"

The biggest thing that I struggle with is I WONT GET IT PERFECT EVERYDAY!! But that I should learn to bring myself into balance when I am thrown off.
I still go into a mini funk when I am off. Surface I will say that I am ok but deep down I am NOT ok.

The part I have truly missed is this:
3 levels of self correcting. This is not ONLY about how you change your eating but how you renew yourself

1. Things you do on your own
2. Things we do with others
3. Professional Help

For more info here is the link to the episode

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10/17/10 11:47 A

IOWL 11 Self Correcting Strategies

I am listening to IOWL-11 regarding self correcting strategies.
Although most of the podcast talks about moving away from overeating. She made mention of what you want to move towards and EUREKA!! There are 2 things but I will start with

Let me start by saying I have made major improvement with my water intake. Last week was... well it is over!! LOL

BUT I want continuous improvement
As I was listening to this podcast and thinking about my triggers. WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK COMES UP!!! THURSDAY!!!!
Why is this day such a bugga.!!!!????
1. I am not in my own office so I am not in my comfort zone.
2. By Thurs I am starting to feel worn out from the week(this would be my 3rd 10h day)
3. I don't plan as well for the day.
4. I get to caught up in work.

Now my eating is fair to ok(most times) But if I am gonna have a moment it will be thursday!
It is the water that gets me.
Yes I have a water bottle, yes I sit it in front of me... lol yes yes yes to any other thought.

Thursday will be here in a few days and I am going to win this week.

How will I prepare
1. Drink 2 glasses of water before I leave for work EVERYDAY but especially THURS(that def puts me ahead of ZERO)
2. I have this wonderful contraption called the DROID which I love and it WILL talk to me if I allow it to so I will set it to remind me OUT LOUD to drink water. (reminders are set)
3. Step away from the madness each hour and do a self check of where I am DEEP BREATH!!

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9/25/10 3:05 P

IOWL-10 Feedback...Yes

The most powerful thing I heard was "The gift of our mistake is the ability to learn from them"

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9/25/10 1:05 P

What I learned from this episode it to quit judging myself everytime I mess up and to learn from it or figure out how to make an improvement the next time. My most recent example is I walked in the park on 9/12 and it took me 40 min to walk 1.8 miles. I did not exercise anymore until 9/19 BUT it took me around 30 min to do the same walk....that was the improvement not that I had not walked for a week. hmmmmmm I used to listen to Morning Coach podcasts and he always talked about 1% improvement daily. It takes the stress of trying to rely on will power all the time! On to part 2

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9/19/10 3:22 P

This is the link to IOWL Hope this helps. If you want a partner you are welcome to post with me here or if you would like to join our team I sent you an invite 6-inside-out-weight-loss

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9/19/10 2:05 P

Amazing... God is amazing... Yesterday, after church, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that I needed to work on my weight loss from the "inside out"! And today I found your posts. Thank you! Where do I need to go to start this journey along with you? (I'm feeling really excited about this!)

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9/19/10 9:18 A

I just finished listening to IOWL #7 and 8 (AGAIN)

I think I have a clearer understanding of my struggles. Rules for food cause me to obsess. Did I get the correct serving size, enough protein, 5 servings of Freggies did it add up correctly at the end of the day!!! etc etc etc I do such a good job at it that I loose focus and spend more time trying to make everything balance.
Don't get me wrong they are important. BUT for me it makes me crazy. (AKA perfectionism) I
I know this is a mind thing and I will be following something but it is the counting and tracking that constantly throws me off track. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am sharing this in the event that there is ONE more person out there like me.

I think back to when I was slim and I ate pretty good my mom cooked balanced meals We did not eat out A LOT!!! And I think I got all of those in on a daily bases WHAT HAPPENED!! (Yes I do know)

This is what is starting to work for me:
Eat when hungry (rating my hunger before eating)
Pay attention to how different foods make me feel over time
Do not eat to the point of being stuffed
If you do overeat forgive and self correct for next meal.
Drink water before eating and otherwise drink water first FIRST...when thirsty(do the pee test)
Choose foods that will provide energy and good nutrition
Keep snacks available: majority healthy :) 80/20 lol
Choose activity that I enjoy. Experiment with different activities
Enjoy the journey practice the above until it comes naturally

So with that I will not talk about how many freggies I got each day or how much water I am drinking. I am going to set my intentions daily to move more, drink water and choose heatlhy food and know that I have room for other choices(80/20 rule) I do have one more obsession that I am not ready to give up yet......perhaps when I am doing the rest naturally I will be able to give up the final obsession......HINT HINT........... emoticon

I will track my exercise minutes because they help TEAM GEORGIA AND TEAM ATLANTA!! emoticon LOL

Love ya Spark Family!!!

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9/18/10 8:22 A

IOWL#6 It’s a set up!!!
This lesson talks about foods that will make your life easier.
One thing I learned in WW was all points are not created equal if you are looking a it from a nutritional standpoint. I could make my goal for points but I might not lose weight or I did not feel great. WHY? No nutritional value! I could make McDonalds, smoothie king and whatever else make my point goal lol, then be mad at the scale since I did not lose weight after eating like that all week.
I have learned to look at food more from nutritional standpoint vs what feels good to me. NOW do understand I believe in moderation in everything and moderate the moderation. Complex carbs, healthy fat, protein and fiber are all a part of my diet. What I have cut is any food listed as fat free or sugar free unless it is naturally that way. I don’t do sugar substitutes. I have learned that I need more protein in the mornings and less carbs. I need a large breakfast medium lunch and small dinner. Snacks as needed. My sweet and salt cravings are rare!
The main thing that I have learned is to pay attention to how something makes me feel and if it is not good I have to make a decision. Example: I love oatmeal in the morning but I get extremely tired after eating it. So I have added a protein to balance it out. I love pepperoni pizza but it don’t love me anymore. I can eat one with no problem but two pieces sends me to heartburn land. SOOOOO one it is ……most of the time for the times I choose to go into the darkness I follow-up with Calmcid.
Weight loss is more than the calories, fat, and portion control. It is about how it makes you feel after you have consumed it. Yes you might get immediate gratification but does it last……

Pay attention to your body

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9/16/10 9:06 P


I initially thought as I re-listened to IOWL #5 that there was no additional insight for me to gain… WRONG!!!!!!

Yes! I am in a tug of war with myself. I remember when I saw this picture of myself in 2006 I felt like I looked like a blue whale. I had on blue of course. I joined WW and started working the “program” I got tired because I was starting to stall and other things... I had already had my objections to exercise and now I had added the food objections. What I did not do was try to resolve the tug of war from within. I never called a truce, I never tried to make peace because I felt that the part of me that had the objections was WRONG and the “program” was RIGHT. What I did not realize that neither was right or wrong it just was. Both sides have legitimate wants. But I was only looking at the surface. Once I listened to this podcast(again and again AND again) I recognize that I do want to lose weight, feel strong and be healthy and "sexy at 50" but my objections(Too tired, too stressed, gotta do it perfect or not at all) are now showing me that what I really want is pleasure, peace, rest and acceptance.

Renee said whatever you suppress will gain strength. My addition to that statement is and when you least expect it what you suppress will start working on a silent takeover. I experienced that when I fell of the wagon, under the horse and was dragged for miles(aka years) before I let go. It started with a trip to Savannah in 2008. I was bored with my food choices (because I had labeled food good/bad) I was exercising("evil snicker")but not happily. We planned a trip to Savannah for spring break and that was when the hostile takeover began. OMG we got there and all bets were off!!! I ate what I wanted how much I wanted and when I wanted. I so much pleasure and peace and acceptance that it continued when I got home until I looked at myself again at the same weight that I was in 2006 but it’s now 2010. Yes HOSTILE!!!

I really don’t want a hostage situation anymore and I would like to call a truce between the two forces. I think I have made friends with the food issues. I don’t label food anymore I don’t stress about having certain foods on occasion. I am learning to stop when I am full and not to have huge fights with my cravings(which now don’t happen to often) However I continue to struggle with exercise. I spend a lot of time beating myself when I don’t exercise vs praising myself when I do and thinking about how it makes me feel. My focus is off and wrong. So I am working on a truce!! I am going to pull out my Hip Hop abs videos and purchase zumba. I like to dance and both were fun like that! I will let the rest come naturally. And STILL I RISE!!!

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9/9/10 5:50 A

This is a hard lesson for me and I fight myself on what I want the right answer to be vs what the truth is. And I have listened to this lesson more than I have listened to any.
The main question the Renee asked was: Is there any part of you that objects to losing weight? Of course my instant response in the past was no. And each time Renee reminds me that if there were no objections I would already be slim!!! So she takes another angle for people like me and asked:
What is holding you back?
What is great about being overweight?
I know that I am what is holding me back but that is a surface answer. What behaviors are present that holds me back? So the last question takes me deeper. What is great about being overweight?
1. I don’t have to be accountable, consistent or mindful about my actions.
2. I get to operate on my feelings. If I don’t feel like exercising I DON’T
3. I don’t have to worry about failure or relapse because I am already there.
SOOO my objections are based on the above
1. I would have to be mindful about what I ate and how much
2. I would have to have some type of routine for exercise
3. I would have to have some discipline about food choices
4. I would have to fight my perfectionistic tendencies
5. I would have to deal with WHY I am eating and the emotions behind it if any
6. FINALLY I would have to put forth ACTION!!!
The last thing that Renee requested was after the objections were identified then we should THANK THEM????? My response is FOR WHAT! There is a gift that they are trying to give me and she will explain more in the next lesson.

Keep evolving

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9/6/10 3:41 P

IOWL-3 Guided Journey into Dreaming

This episode Renee talks about how Walt Disney created his movies/company. He had dreamers who dreamed and then created a plan based on the dream then he had critics who were separated from the dreamers until it was time for them to evaluate/poke holes in the plan. Initially I thought HOW HORRIBLE. But as I paid attention to how I NEVER allow myself to dream and examined why it was because my critic was right there when I attempted to dream saying "it will NEVER happen" This has affected my whole life as I really examine things. My youngest is a dreamer and I used to listen to her and shake my head but as I am growing she is doing exactly what I need to do SEE THE POSSIBILITIES, MAKE A PLAN and REVAMP AS NEEDED! She does not know how much I admire her

Now I can dream about who I see myself being and what it is that I want in my life without insult then after making a plan/setting goals I allow the critic(as they do serve a purpose) to surface. I allow them to provide the information about what could go wring then I have to send them back to the darkness so that I can revamp the plan in a way that might work for me.

I do see myself slim fit and full of energy. Confident in my decisions and focused on what works for ME! I am improving in all areas of my life. Not allowing anything or anyone stand in my way. I stumble but I get up, I lean but I grab hold of something or someone to help me stand. I lay down but I roll over to my knees and ask God to help me to move forward never looking back except to recognize where I was to propel me to where I am going.
Keep Evolving emoticon

9/4/10 9:45 A

I am very intrigued by this.
Good luck with your continued journey.

DIMI1124 Posts: 3,573
9/4/10 9:05 A

IOWL-2 What I want my life to be AKA goals

I must say that I have evolved since the last time that I wrote about this. I could have copied my old answers but I have to deal with where I am NOW not yesterday.

I want to be a positive, powerful motivating force used to help motivate positive change in others. I want to be flexible, strong and centered spiritually.
I want to WANT to eat healthy 80-90% of the time I want to desire positive fun movement to keep myself strong, fit and flexible. I want to think and act like naturally slender people. I want to have fun shopping for clothes. Most of all I want to look good to ME and have my children motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.>

Keep evolving!!! emoticon

DIMI1124 Posts: 3,573
9/3/10 10:06 A

Creating lasting weight loss motivation
I have listened to this podcast the most as I am always pondering my motivation. TODAY I asked myself am I TRULY motivated or am I just wanting to be motivated. I know that even so there will be periods of struggle and down right lack of motivation. So the answer is Yes I am motivated.

The questions I had to answer.
1.What unwanted behaviors do you have?
Lack of consistent exercise is the one the glares, I don't socialize as much because of my wardrobe because I refuse to purchase clothes at my current weight.
Wardrobe still lacking but I feel better in my clothes as they are getting looser and I have lost a dress size
I still don't socialize as much but mainly because I don't want the temptation yet
I don't think about the effect certain foods have on me before I eat them. THEN I forget how I did feel the next time I eat the food UGHHH

2.What unwanted symptoms?
I am tired a lot and I get sad about my social or lack of social life. Laziness and I procrastinate.
update 6/27:
I still procrastinate with taking care of things related to me. I am not as tired but when I crash it is hard. So I need balance

3.What will happen if I don't change?
Possible full depression, more social isolation, potential for illnesses associated with being obese
6/28:No change in the above statement

Update:I still have to recognize that I have come a long way. I am not full of self hate and doubt. I have my moments but nothing like before.
Love and Peace

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JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
9/2/10 1:13 A

I'm reading Judith Beck PhD's wonderful book "The BECK Diet Solution" which isn't a diet but how to change your thinking and be like a thin person. I see that most people fail or quit diets because they don't learn to THINK right about being thin. The book is so worth reading. I got it at the library.

DIMI1124 Posts: 3,573
9/1/10 6:36 P

IOWL-0 Prologue

This episode gives an overview of the podcast. She talks about changing the inner person in order to make change on the outer person. IOWL is about intergrating and transforming mind body and spirit to work together towards the goal of weight loss. This principle can be used for any area of life

She talks about letting go of struggles(ME), negative self image(ME) and self criticism(ME)

By listening to the podcasts I hope to learn about why I struggle with weight loss and how to make peace with who I am and progress to who I want to be.

I have been playing with the same weight since I restarted my program 12/09. I did pretty well in the beginning but by Feb I started struggling. I think I got down to 163 in May but it has been up/down since. I want to get off the seesaw and just start driving the car!!!

until next time

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DIMI1124 Posts: 3,573
9/1/10 5:45 P

My name is Dimitria I am 49 and have struggled with my weight for the 20 yrs. Although part of it was the lies I told myself about my weight. My weight was actually ok until I turned 35

I am actually up to podcast 15 but I really have horrible writing so I wanted to have a place to enter my journey. My blog was not the place that I wanted to write daily SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I found the community journal. LOL after being on SP for 3 yrs. I am not expecting comments or anything but please feel free to share your thoughts

This podcast was started by Renee Stephens. She deals with weight loss buy changing your inner person in order to change the outer person. I am also trying to do intuitive eating. Learning to deal with my behaviors:Not stopping when full was the main one.
(I am doing so much better)

So as I listen to the podcasts I am writing what I have learned. And hopefully applying to my weight loss journey.
That's my intro.
more to come.

For the sake of recording my progress my starting weight is 170.3
this site will show the current podcast but you can scroll down to the prologue.

Update 6/27/2011 I weigh 159.5. I got in a rut and stopped listening to the podcasts. I restarted my weight loss plan and decided to start again with the podcasts. I am happy to see the difference in my weight. ( I have been on the 17 day diet since May 30) The decrease in carbs has helped but I know I gotta still work with my mind!

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