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6/10/12 11:35 P

I, too, recommend that you bring this to your doctor's attention just to make sure you are not creating bigger issues down the road as you continue on your journey to healhier living.

Coach Nancy

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6/10/12 9:53 P

I'm a clicker too. My doc recommended taking chondroitin glucosamine MSM and fish oils for early stage arthritis. My knees click less now!

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6/10/12 9:19 P

I don't think it's something to panic over, but it's worth bringing up to your doctor on your next appointment.

I've been cracking and clicking since I started. :)

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6/10/12 9:16 P

My clicking meant arthritis...

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6/10/12 9:16 P

Probably not, unless you have pain and/or swelling.

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6/10/12 8:39 P

Hey I use a stationary exercise bike, and ever since my knees make a clicking sound when ever I bend them, should I be worried?

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