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JUDSTERF Posts: 3,457
10/11/12 12:27 A

Thanks Jibbie - - ya, they talked about possible surgery also which would probably mean an additional 6 weeks if this doesn't heal correctly. Crutches are out of the question since my balance isn't much good.


JIBBIE49 Posts: 57,274
10/11/12 12:19 A

Hugs Judy. Hope u get well quickly. My son broke his foot and had to have surgery so he was in a WC for about 2 weeks and that was bad, then he went to crutches.

JUDSTERF Posts: 3,457
10/10/12 7:10 P

I hate not being able to weigh in for 6 weeks. This being in a wheel chair bound for 6 weeks is getting to me!! I have another 4 1/2 weeks to go!! It's really hard when you're use to weighing in at east once a day (usually morning and night). I'm trying to stick to the lower end of my calorie range with not being able to exercise much due to two shoulder injuries, cracked ribs, broken foot etc. This is just about killing me!!


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