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9/7/12 9:35 P

Tracking can be a challenge - I practice "clean eating" and its safe to say that SP Nutrtion Tracker doesn't like my lifestyle choice. LOL I'm constantly adding my own foods, recipes, etc.

I believe TheGraciousPantry.Com may have some gluten free/wheat free recipes..

Also if willing, Bobs Red Mill sells gluten free "flours" that can be used to make bread :) Dont get discouraged!! We live in a great era where we're just one google search away from a wealth of information! Good Luck :)

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9/7/12 6:22 P

I don't eat wheat, either. I haven't replaced bread with anything bread-like. Veggies are what I've been eating in place of grains. Eating a bunch of veggies can certainly be substantial enough to fill you up and keep you warm in the winter. It just takes a bit of experimenting with different veggies, different ways of cooking them, etc.

I don't seem to have trouble with the nutrition tracker, so I'm a bit confused about that part of your question. What I can tell you for certain is that I put recipes in to the recipe calculator as I don't eat any sort of processed foods. Also, if a food that I eat isn't listed, I end up adding that as well, and saving it to my favourites so I can easily locate it again.

A couple of common flour substitutions I know of are almond flour and coconut flour. I've not used coconut flour myself as I just haven't run across any yet, but I have used almond flour on a few occasions and it worked out great. I didn't make an actual loaf of bread, but I did use it for a "breading" and also for a cheesecake crust. Like I said, both turned out great.

I agree that the Gluten Free, Wheatbelly, and Celiac SP teams are great for support, recipe sharing, questions, etc.

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9/6/12 6:47 P

Potato Flour, Rice Flour, Pea Flour - there are lots of alternatives. Often some of those flours need mixing with others because of heaviness etc. It is a case of experimenting, BUT those recipes in the link I gave you mostly take the experimentation out of the equation. You can still tweak the mix until you find something you may like better. I saw that you had tried a different bread and didn't like it, that is what it is like - trial and error, because there ARE some really yummy ones out there. In NZ some of those breads are like $10 per loaf - a couple I have bought on special for $7.99 each.

Good luck, and I am SURE that you will get the hang of it very quickly :-)


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9/6/12 10:21 A

thank you for all the information and links - very helpful and interesting. i have been researching and potato flour is something i can use as well.

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9/6/12 4:14 A

You CAN use the tracker - but what you will find is that you will just need to substitute or do your own meals. There are many of us here who have food allergies - (me included) and use the tracker successfully - if you are using SP's meal planner, switch it off and do put your own foods in. Any that you have to put the Nutritional Analysis in yourself you can save to favourites to save you heaps of time later.

Below are a couple links to the same Company - Orgran. They are in a lot of countries. My daughter uses HEAPS of their products because her little boy is severely allergic to nuts, eggs, dairy, and had considerable allergies to soy, wheat and a few other things.


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9/5/12 10:03 P

Broadbrush, as you have discovered, SP depends on people with many different special needs to know how to make substitutions.

My grandmother was allergic to wheat (this was back in the first half of the 20th century; you can imagine how difficult her life was--way before food manufacturers had to put ingredients on their labels). As I recall, she made a bean-based bread and used oats and corn flour for a lot of baking (now at least there are gluten-free oats). She had to do all her baking herself, and she couldn't travel. Bread wasn't a major part of her diet, that was for sure. She lived hale and hearty till 85, so she made it work for her.

I wish you success.

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9/5/12 2:27 P

BUT ALSO MY POINT IN THE TITLE IS THAT YOU CANNOT PICK 'NO WHEAT' OR 'NO CORN' OR 'NO RICE' in the choices - where it says no pork, or vegetarian. that is what i am trying to do with the tracker - or else i really cannot use it.

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9/5/12 2:25 P

@Arch -- it is the WHEAT FREE that has been the big problem. there are no shortages of gluten free - in fact i bought a loaf of gluten free bread for toast before i knew WHEAT had to be eliminated. it was over $5. and tastes like crap.
i dried it all out and made bread crumbs out of it.
these products don't toast well - and are not great in baking.
but all the crackers, etc are either RICE or WHEAT or CORN based. it is really a dilemma.
i have searched a lot of recipe sites - i have not found one with a wheat free cookie, or muffin etc.
so i am trying to find out from any one out there about NO WHEAT products.

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9/5/12 12:48 P

What you might do is join one of the gluten free or celiac spark teams. I'm sure the other members could give you ideas of gluten free foods.

Do you have a Trader Joe's in Canada ? Trader Joe's as well as Whole Foods sell gluten free products. Unfortunately, some of these processed products can be quite pricey.

Something else you might try is getting a gluten free cookbook to make your own (less expensive) gluten free breads. Do you like baking ? that might work.

Oh, do you like corn tortillas ? you'll have to read the label, but those should be gluten free.

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9/5/12 12:29 P

i am trying to track with the tools on spark - but recently i have been told i cannot have wheat and gluten - as i am intolerant of them. this is quite the challenge since just about everything in the world of food has wheat - yesterday i looked at every loaf of bread in the freezer and they are some kind of sprouted grain wheat - not to mentioned $6.50 loaf!
i have rice cakes - yuk all my flat breads have wheat in them - wasa flax ryvita etc
does anyone on spark face the same challenge and do you have any suggestions on products i can buy.
i am missing a bread choice with my protein and my veggies - especially when the weather gets colder - something more substantial is needed.

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