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7/25/12 10:18 A

The only other thing I drink besides water is a cup of coffee in the mornings....and I cut that down from around 6 cups a day to 1.
The water at the office is bottled, a company brings the big 5 or 10 gallon bottles for the water cooler.
The air in here is....questionable, lol, its a concrete company and there are a few heavy smokers in the office but they go outside to smoke now.

Since the ingredients and dressing I used is always different from one day to the next, I think I will try not eating salad for a few days and see how it goes. I know that since I had my gallbladder out at the beginning of the year, my digestive system let me know when it doesn't like took me months to work leafy stuff back into my diet, but I have also noticed that I get heartburn more often....its still not a lot, but more than what I used to get.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
7/25/12 7:59 A

it could be mental.
it could be your body having a hard time digesting certain things [perhaps try mixing everything into a soup and seeing if the cooked bothers you as much as the raw].
it could be that you're eating a food that doesn't agree with you. and if you do eliminate, i'd give yourself more than 3 days of eliminating it.
it could be a medical issue.
it could be you eating at a bad time and too much to boot. erm. let's see how to better explain this one. i am not a morning person, i don't like to eat in the mornings pretty much at all most of the time. so i do have to force myself to eat. if i ate that much at that time, i would be nauseated too. and trying to keep it all from coming back up. so instead of making myself eat a lot when i don't really want to, i have half a bagel with cheese. it's easy to get down, doesn't want to come back up, and is just enough to get me going until i am actually hungry [when i have another snack or something more substantial]. so if you had just a little bit instead of your full lunch, perhaps the meat and a little cheese or something to put it on, and then had the salad later in the afternoon when you were hungry, it would be easier on your stomach.

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7/25/12 6:22 A

I used to get sick after eating, but only at dinner... I saw my doctor and was diagnosed with a reflux issue. I'd see a doctor, just to rule anything like that out.

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7/24/12 4:39 P

Are you eating enough calories at lunch? Not counting salad dressing . I get nausea when I don't eat enough. Maybe your just sick of salads....I would be if I ate them everyday at lunch. After awhile they don't fill me up anymore. Maybe have a sandwich on a pita or whole grain bread...sometimes I make a personal pizza on a pita, or I make some whole wheat spaghetti with veggies and low fat Italian dressing. Both heat well in the microwave. Even peanut butter on whole grain toast can be in your calorie range. Sometimes I just need some carbs (that aren't fruit or veggie) at lunch and I will skip the carb at dinner.

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7/24/12 4:04 P

It could be poor air circulation or something similar. Have you asked if anyone near you feels the same way?

Another thing to consider is experiment with your salad. What do you always include in your salad? Start with that and then eliminate one item. Eat the same thing for 3 days and see how you feel. If you feel sick, cut out something else and see how you feel, etc.

Then, try an experiment at home. Try to replicate your "office" salad in size and ingredients and eat it at home for dinner. See how you feel.

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7/24/12 4:02 P

Yikes that is a stumper! Wow.

I think the only thing you can do is try a different lunch one day and see how you feel. Salads are easier but how about try something...anything else tomorrow just as an experiment. If you still feel sick you know that it is something else other than your food.

What are you *drinking* with you lunch? Is is it any different than what you would have at breakfast or dinner? In is some sort of juice of beverage that might be doing this? Is it water from work? Maybe there is something fishy with the water supply in your building.

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7/24/12 3:55 P

I usually eat about the same thing every day for lunch. A salad, either greens or spinach, whichever veggies I have on hand, some sort of combination of mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper, tomatoes, raw broccoli, raw cauliflower, cucumbers, and some sort of meat, tuna, fresh or canned, chicken, pork tenderloin, etc..., and a bit of dressing.

And every day for an hour or two after lunch, I feel sick. Most times, I don't finish my salad, I only eat until I am not hungry but I do make sure that I eat enough. I feel like I just pigged out on a ton of carbs or greasy pizza or something. I get tired and ....blah.

I try to buy organic and whether its organic or not, all the ingredients are washed.

I don't have the same problem after any other meal, just lunchtime. While I AM getting tired of salad (its the easiest thing to prepare for work), I don't seem to have that problem with a side salad at dinnertime.

I also vary the ingredients in my salad to help prevent boredom, there is not a single ingredient that is ALWAYS present.

I work inside, so its not the heat....the guys keep it bordering on frostbite temps in here! South Louisiana in July and I have to wear a sweater at work, lol

Any ideas? Anything I might be overlooking? Maybe its just mental....or maybe I'M just mental!

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