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9/10/12 3:10 P

What about Sparkpeople meal plans, is that the sort of thing you're looking for?

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9/10/12 3:05 P

I can't help you much here. I needed to lose more than 20-25 lbs.

My answer wasn't to "eat this" much as it was "eat less of this, and that, oh, and the other thing too. Oh, and mix in some excercise too!"

It was pretty easy to see what I was doing when I started logging food. I have a lot better success when I log food prior to eating. I didn't really start changing what I was eating at first. I only started that later when I wanted to find ways to eat more volume, for the same calories.

The bonus to those searches and discoveries was that I started eating more volume, (more tasty in most cases, too) but was consuming higher levels of recommended nutritional values.

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9/10/12 2:30 P

HI All,
Im new here, just joined today. I am looking to lose about 20-25 pounds. I have always had pretty good will power but I am terrible a trying to find different things to cup of a protein, have a snack..etc. I am looking for a diet that simply says EAT THIS for every meal. Obviously there needs to be the ability to substitute, but I am most successful when I have a straight forward order in front of me. Any suggestions where I can find a diet that plays out a simple meal plan?

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