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GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
6/8/12 12:08 P

For most people, normal water weight swings can easily swamp actual weight changes over a week. Either start weighing more and smoothing/paying attention to trends, or else learn to chill out about your weekly weigh-in. If you lost nothing this week, you might be down 5 lbs next week. Pay attention to trends over several weighing sessions, not any individual one.

In any case, keep at it.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
6/8/12 12:06 P

same opinion here. I learned a long time ago not to weigh myself but once a week, sometimes not even that. I have one pair of pants in my closet that I try on every week, and I can tell by how they fit whether or not I've been losing. There are too many daily flutuations to tell, such as water weight, sodium intake, and muscle gain that tells me to wait at least a week to weigh on a scale. Hope this helps. Have a great weekend.

WASCHULL1 SparkPoints: (102,495)
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6/8/12 7:51 A

Gotta echo what Brewmaster is saying. Stay the course, stick with it. Keep up the hard work.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,086)
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Posts: 4,114
6/7/12 7:36 P

Yah mon, wayyy too early to be worried about a thing. Entirely normal. Relax, stay the course. Check in with us in a week.

JERRYLOWE2012 SparkPoints: (8,645)
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6/7/12 7:22 P

I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, personal Trainer once a week ( tmr's my PT day ) I usually eat between 1600-1800 Calories, and LOADS of sodium, Thou after my post here yesterday I have started to watch my levels closer and choose foods based on that and am very happy to say yesterday was 2250 and today is under 1900 for sodium and I ate more today then I do most days. I had to find food just to get to my min for calories and still stayed under my sodium. I also found the food to be more filling.

When I go to the gym for cardio days I burn between 500-1,000 calories. on Strentgh training days I don't know as I don't have a way to tell what I am burning when lifting weights, and stuff.

Any more advice you can give me I would be happy to hear from you. Also as of yesterday I have started to take a Centrum Chewable Multivitamin in the morning.

I am happy so far, as mentioned I have lost 14 pounds and dropped 2 sizes in about 6 weeks. Just never done this before and got worried when nothing was coming off anymore.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,086)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
6/7/12 6:16 P

Ummm ... weight loss is not linear. You've lost a lot in a short period. You've had one week of no loss ... this should be of no concern. Stay the course and if it persists more than 2-3 weeks, you may have a problem.

MOOSER46 SparkPoints: (100,504)
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6/7/12 11:13 A

First - you've lost 14 lbs. in 6 weeks. That's great! I agree with the other posts hit the cardio, but don't neglect the strength training. You want to build the muscles so that as the fat comes off you look and feel that much better. Remember muscle weighs more than fat, so even though you might not be shedding pounds you might be shedding inches.

Also, make sure that you are getting enough calories to fuel your burn in the gym. If you aren't eating enough your metabolism will slow down. It happened to me. I was doing one of the challenges on here and for a couple of weeks I was really pushing myself and losing nothing. Then my wife said I think you're not eating enough for as hard as you're working. The next week I ate more, just a little bit, and sure enough, I dropped 2.5 lbs.

Keep at it! You've got a great start.

JERRYLOWE2012 SparkPoints: (8,645)
Fitness Minutes: (4,556)
Posts: 106
6/7/12 11:03 A

Thank you for the feedback :)

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (34,133)
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6/6/12 2:30 P

I would also suggest cardio, mainly because it makes you healthier also to do other things. Just remember that cardio does not mean just a treadmill or some other equipment in the gym, going for a hike in the woods is great and fun.

When you workout, do you have a heart monitor on to see what your heart rate is at? I know when I go without mine, I do not push myself as hard because I feel like I am at my max sometimes even though I am not.

Another thing to think about is your drinks, you mentioned orange juice...most orange juices sound healthy but they add too much sugar to them. It is better to just eat an orange so you get the juices and the fibers and all without the extra sugars that pack on the fat...

WASCHULL1 SparkPoints: (102,495)
Fitness Minutes: (59,135)
Posts: 3,055
6/6/12 12:06 P

Hit the cardio... HARD! Also, keep in mind that your first weight loss is going to be the easiest. After that it gets harder and harder as your body adapts. Persistence is key. Just keep plugging away at it. It is normal to plateau at times. You just have to find a way to motivate yourself through the plateaus and setbacks. Just don't give up!

Good luck!

JERRYLOWE2012 SparkPoints: (8,645)
Fitness Minutes: (4,556)
Posts: 106
6/6/12 10:26 A

Ok when I first started my life style change about 6 weeks ago, I was doing great, I lost weight, and was feeling better. I went 2 weeks during this time where I was unable to go to the gym, but still ate well and lost weight. It has been a week now and I have not lost ANYTHING despite my working out and eating well. I have to admit it's bothersome and makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. I admit my sodium levels are HIGH and I mean HIGH 4-5K most days, but I drink ALOT of water. I stay under 1800 calories most days some I go up to 1900. I have only had 2 cheat meals in 6 weeks and only 1 soda otherwise I drink only water and crystal light and maybe 2-3 glasses of oj a week. I eat vegis and fruits everyday. What am I doing wrong.

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