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2/21/12 8:42 A

The first thing you need to do is "make time for yourself", and going to the gym is one way to do that. It would also be a great stress relief for you, which it sounds like you need. Stress makes us eat. You are beginning a WW class & that will probably motivate you hearing that others are in the same boat. Is there someone to help you with the planning of the wedding and/or graduation? If so, ask for that help. I applaud you for being there for your mother. You should be proud of yourself for maintaining the weight you have lost. No more excuses, tell yourself "I am worth it", pack up those sneakers & head off to the gym or a walk. I sometimes dread going, but it is always worth it after I get there. Again, "you are worth it". Good luck. emoticon

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2/21/12 7:35 A

I am needing some motivation. I was doing really good with watching what I eat and going to the gym up until the holidays. I have maintained my weight loss so that is a good thing but, I am not as motivated to go to the gym. I have had a lot of issues going on as I have been traveling a lot to be with my mother while she is going through Chemo and also planniing my daughters wedding and my sons graduation this summer. I know that these are just excuses so how do I get myself motivated again? I start weight watchers tomorrow at work so I am hoping that will help me as I will have to get weighed in every week so that should help. Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks emoticon

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