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8/4/12 8:28 P

Hi Milady, boy i hear you. I learned something about myself today that pretty much hit me in the face like a brick wall. I have become basically lazy, finding one excuse after another why i can't or don't have time to exercise. I purposely don't make the time. And 15yrs ago before i developed Graves' Disease (thyroid disease) i was walking 5miles twice a day PLUS yoga. And then Graves Disease hit and after surgery to cure it, well i think i got comfortable doing nothhing and WHALA! i put on 75lbs before i knew it, and then it was, "oh i'm too heavy" or "well i've gotten too old now to exercise".

So, here i am again, and today i walked just around the block at 5:30am before it got hot, came back in, showered, dressed and omg, i felt like a new woman. i didn't want to sit down and watch TV and drink coffee, i wanted to get into my yard and cut some flowers for the kitchen, and then before i knew it, i was washing the outside bedroom windows.

So, if this is what happens with just around the block, i can't wait until i'm ready to start a 1/2mile and gradually work up to my mile a day and then to 5miles twice a day. emoticon

So i do believe you're going to be hearing alot from me now. I've decided "slow" is the only way to start to keep me from getting discouraged and when i see the weight or inches starting the disappear, increase the exercise.

Needing help to keep my willpower going so i dont let go of the lesson i learned today. emoticon

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8/4/12 8:09 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!


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8/4/12 11:26 A

emoticon to SP!! emoticon


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8/4/12 10:29 A

emoticon and best wishes!

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8/4/12 9:40 A

Well welcome back! I understand the message board hesitancy-honestly I prefer finding a few spark teams that seem to work for me and I do more posting there than on these boards. I find these are great for brainstorming and broad input, but I get a lot of support and motivation from my teams. And because it's a smaller group, I get to know people better, too! You'll find what works best for you. Good luck with your goals!

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8/4/12 1:28 A

Hi all!

I have been a spark people member for a while, but I hadn't been dedicating the time to myself (and consequently spark people) that I should have and deserve.

I am also new to posting to the message boards, so I don't really know what to say than I am here and ready to get involved in what seems to be the most safe and loving community I have seen in a long time.

Thanks for having me - hope to "meet" you all soon!

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