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6/11/09 4:14 P

My newest obesession is cumin. It is such a great spice to use with chicken. I cook some onions and garlic in a little olive oil and add some sliced chicken breast or thigh with salt and pepper. The flavor is exotic and awesome!

Posts: 2,994
6/11/09 12:45 P

Tell me more about Kale chips and tilapia tostadas. emoticon

Posts: 75
6/11/09 12:16 P

Tried the Kale chips and loved it! Latest obsession though is Tilapia Tostadas. I have eaten them 4 times this week. And lots of watermelon, bought one from a vender on side of road and it was the best watermelon I have had in years so I think I ate most of it.

Posts: 2,994
6/11/09 10:59 A

The bread sounds very healthy.

Posts: 1,529
6/11/09 10:28 A

I've been going to the local bakery a lot lately. They have a bread called "Birdseed Bread". It has sunflower seeds and flax seeds added to it and it's made with whole wheat flour. High in fiber and very tasty!!!

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6/11/09 10:04 A

Bing Cherries

Posts: 20
6/10/09 9:14 P

I've discovered I love lots of veggies roasted that I am only lukewarm about if they are steamed or prepared otherwise. Something about roasting makes them more flavorful. My latest is something I never thought I would like -- roasted brussel sprouts. I cut them in half and put them in a baggie with just a tiny bit of EVOO and some sea salt and pepper. Put them in a single layer and roast them at 400 for about 20-30 minutes until they are just beginning to brown. Other veggies I would never have thought about roasting are broccoli and green beans.

Posts: 1,529
6/10/09 4:41 P

Kodisue - The Lebanese food sounds wonderful. I will have to look into some recipes and try a few. Thanks for sharing.

Posts: 193
6/10/09 4:08 P

Lebanese food. It is so delicious and uses really healthy ingredients--lentils, eggplant, tomatoes, olive oil, yogurt, etc. Last night I made a Lebanese side dish with brown rice, black lentils and onions spiced with allspice, cumin and cinnamon. SO good and full of protein and fiber!

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Posts: 1,415
6/10/09 2:25 P

Vitatops! my favorites are Deep Chocolate and Triple Chocolate Chunk!

Posts: 2,364
6/9/09 7:29 P

I like the chicken or turkey burger with cilantro mustard on a lite wheat bun.

Posts: 2,994
6/9/09 11:57 A

That sounds s-o-o good. Another tip I have is guar gum. I can make my own lo-fat,lo-calories salad dressing. the guar gum thickings the dressing and it makes is seem very rich. emoticon

Posts: 152
4/27/09 12:18 A

Cajun turkey sandwich with pepperjack cheese and soup. emoticon

Posts: 8
4/26/09 8:41 P

My new favorite thing is - Avocados. Never liked them before, but I sure do now.

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Posts: 8
4/26/09 8:39 P

re: Kale Chips - I have got to try this! Sounds great!

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Posts: 8
4/26/09 8:38 P

Would love recipe for fish stew. Are you willing to share?


Posts: 4
4/26/09 4:06 P

I'm on a grapefruit kick right now. I am trying to find a new fruit or vegie every week and I fell in love with grapefruit!

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Posts: 924
4/20/09 7:52 P

I'm on a soup jag right now. I've recently made Nigerian fish stew, lentil chili, pinto bean soup, Great Northern soup, and I'm currently eyeballing a recipe for vichyssoise, probably for tomorrow night. Makes the house feel so nice when it's cooking (I'm always freezing these days!), and it always leaves tons of leftovers!

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Posts: 222
4/20/09 12:29 A

Kale chips. Chop kale. Drizzle with evoo, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake about 15 min at 350 degrees. Yummy and crunchy!

Posts: 443
4/18/09 8:44 P

oven roasted fennel with balsamic vinegar

Posts: 2,720
4/18/09 5:59 P

I love that three bean salad. And rice vinegar.
Lately I have been using splenda instead of sugar and once you get used to the taste of it rather than sugar it is really good. I don't miss the sugar.
Thanks for that idea.

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Posts: 14
4/17/09 8:39 P

I'm in love with turkey burgers with mushrooms and provolone cheese on a whole wheat bun.......yummy

Posts: 151
4/17/09 6:12 P

One can Garbanzo beans, one can kidney beans and one can green beans 1/4 c rice vinegar. Taste just like that 3 bean salad without all that real sugar and is very filling I eat this with cottage cheese all the time for lunch 1 c salad 1c cottage cheese very very good. emoticon

Posts: 10
4/17/09 3:24 P

Progresso light Zesty South-western Vegetable soup! I am blown away by how great it tastes! And practically no calories!!

Posts: 1,529
4/17/09 11:12 A

The raspberry jello thing sounds awesome. I am definitely going to try that!

Posts: 151
4/16/09 11:45 P

Sugar free all Raseberry jello, raseberries a cup, chocolate pudding and a dab of cool whip. I call this Black Forrest Jello! LOVE IT! emoticon

Posts: 2,720
4/16/09 3:03 P

Barbara-anne, I like to make the same thing but with just balsamic vinegar as a dressing.
I add a few black olives too.

Anything with grape tomatoes is excellent. Love to make a pasta dish with roasted grape tomatoes, onions, garlic and mushrooms. Roast them all together and use a potato masher on them and it makes it really saucy. So good.

Posts: 566
4/16/09 6:41 A

Mine is also grape tomatoes but a salad mixed with chopped cucumber, red onion, bit of olive oil, lemon juice and fresh ground black pepper.

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Posts: 16,787
4/12/09 3:42 P

Mine is seitan, making my own from vital wheat gluten.

I can get Original or Chicken flavored ones, and my store carries a locally made grilled kind.

But with the VWG I can flavor it all kinds of ways, make all kinds of mock meats like pepperoni, italian sausage, even things that taste kind of like chicken, beef or lamb ... all kinds of ways. And I can add nutritional yeast so I can get my B-12 and be vegan.

FUN FUN FUN!!! And yummy too! And very versatile! And healthy.

Posts: 419
4/12/09 3:02 P

JMGNIAD, your sweet potato fries sound awesome! Do you have nutrition info for them?

Posts: 5,704
4/11/09 7:59 P

dried cranberries- I bake them in muffins,add them in salads and even put some in greenbeans yum

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Posts: 233
4/11/09 12:51 P

I absolutely LOVE tomatoes of any kind. I like them with a drizzle of really good extra virgin olive oil and I have the fleur de sel with zest of lime that I sprinkle on them. HEAVEN! Sometimes, no oil, just the fleur de sel

Posts: 2,720
4/10/09 5:46 P

I have a few favorites right now.

True Orange with splenda on ice. Very refreshing. Makes it so much easier to get my water intake in.
Even without splenda

Chinese chicken salad.
I use every green imaginable and either mandarin oranges or sliced kumquats and the dressing is a pkt that I found by Sun Bird and I cut out the oil and add other things so it is lower calorie but I can eat that every day and not get tired of it.
However it is high in sodium since you add soy sauce and rice vinegar.

Posts: 1,529
4/10/09 12:52 P

WOW! Lots of great ideas here. Thanks for sharing the post. I will have to try some of your obsessions. I really don't have any exciting that I'm eating right now.

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Posts: 2,615
4/10/09 8:12 A

Greek 0% fat yogurts but they are EXPENSIVE too

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Posts: 168
4/9/09 10:46 P

i just had a skinny cow dipper. they're small but just enough to settle my chocolate craving. but expensive

Posts: 2,168
4/9/09 5:56 P

spaghetti squash with sauteed veggies

Posts: 7
4/8/09 7:51 P

Dried blueberries or cranberries. And dried strawberries, they taste like fruit roll ups!

SparkPoints: (14,219)
Fitness Minutes: (25,565)
Posts: 454
4/8/09 1:55 P

sweet potatos...i'm making fries right now, with cinnamon and splenda. I love to bake them and put some spray butter, splenda, and cinnamon on them.

Posts: 295
4/8/09 12:54 P

Now that asparagus is in season I roast it with a little bit of olive oil. My 8 year old son can't get enough of it!

Posts: 4,881
4/7/09 5:22 P

Spinach and Feta omelets, mmmmmmmm.

Posts: 2
4/7/09 3:33 P

Mashed cauliflower w/ garlic... the SteamFresh garlic cauliflower steamed and mashed w/ a little bit of plain yogurt or fat free sour cream.... it's like guilt free mashed potatoes. YUM!

Posts: 1
4/7/09 2:06 P

I am loving Green Olives stuffed with Garlic and Jalapeno.

SparkPoints: (13,539)
Fitness Minutes: (10,164)
Posts: 410
4/7/09 11:45 A

I've been sauteeing mushrooms and garlic in just a touch of butter. that stuff! I also love mixed vegetable omelets. Oh, and brussel sprouts! In fact, I planted three brussel sprout plants yesterday because I love them so much! My kids all really like them too! Bonus! emoticon

Posts: 126
4/7/09 6:12 A

Cauliflower .. I just started to eat it raw , think I love it

Posts: 63
4/6/09 11:11 P

My newest obsession is Flatout Flatbread. Low cal, high fiber, and a fun way to eat a healthy sandwich.

Posts: 4,255
4/6/09 9:35 P

Not a new obsession but my newest one! Grilled zucchini either on the charcoal grill or the George Foreman Grill. I have been eating it every night for 2 months LOL

Posts: 11
4/6/09 9:05 P

My New Obsession is Stir Fried Vegetables less the oil mixed with a splash of red wine. mmmmm

SparkPoints: (65,571)
Fitness Minutes: (61,101)
Posts: 4,573
4/6/09 8:55 P

Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran and Whole Wheat Lavash flatbread; we make pizza with it every Friday night. It's also great cut up into triangles to make baked chips.

Posts: 295
4/6/09 6:57 P

My latest obsession in the kitchen is roasted cherry or grape tomatoes. Toss them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast them in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes. Awesome! Great cold on a sandwich too! emoticon

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