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11/27/02 9:28 A


You might be able to find a great site for meal planning by doing an Internet search. If you do, be sure to let all of us know about it here on the SP board since we can all be your buddies.

There is a Who is Who thread in the Cafe where you can go to tell us about yourself. I'd love to see you post something there. Also, considering joining The Exercise Streak Challenge. Don't forget to make good use of MySpark. It's a great tool for helping you set, track, and reach goals.

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PTYLES Posts: 1
11/26/02 5:22 P

Hi, I am new to this site and wanted to know if anyone has a good suggestion for a weekly menu. I would like to have something to follow to help me stay focused.
I would like to lose 15lbs and am having a lot of trouble getting motivated. I would love it if anyone wanted to be my buddy.

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