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KGWINDER Posts: 1,367
8/4/12 5:02 P

Sooner rather than later. Just had it happen to me again, was typing a post and ad at top is for flex belt....entered my post and no way to go back to see the ad....however did learn I can do a websearch on spark for the term flex belt and learned alot.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 31,682
7/30/12 10:21 P

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along!

Coach Denise

KGWINDER Posts: 1,367
7/30/12 8:05 P

Sometimes I see an ad coming up on the site, but I'm in the middle of logging, reading an article, or some other activity that has my mind engaged - I don't want to break my thought but I'm interested. Or sometimes days later, I think, "what was that about", but can't remember the seller's name.

How about adding a current advertiser tab under SHOP, where you could look at all the ads currently running on Spark. In my opinion, would even be more helpful, if it allow a comment section for people that actually had used the products. For example, saw some cool exercise pants, but wondered about their fit in a bigger size.

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