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2/1/12 10:21 A

I want in on this! Even if I don't lose any weight before the wedding, I want toned arms too!!!

I joined the 28-day bootcamp challenge and have been doing an extra 9-minute arm video, but I'm thinking of getting into a modified P90X workout in March (probably will only do the strength workouts at 1/2 the reps and run, not all the cardio that they do)

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1/30/12 11:08 A

Thanks again for the insiders. This weekend was a BUST! I was under the weather and ate without guilt. Didn't manage to keep much of anything down though, not sure if that was a plus. As for fitness; I slept. Today is the start of a new week and although my immune system is still a bit weak, I'm determined to get back on track. Have a blessed day my Spark Friends! emoticon

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1/29/12 6:48 P

Tommy Europe's Last 10 lbs is awesome! It has nutrition plans and great strength and interval works all of your body, so that you won't be lopsided emoticon

145 lbs by april
Be able to run 10 km by june
Look amazing in my wedding dress!
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1/28/12 12:11 A

Thank for the info! I will definitely look into it. emoticon

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1/27/12 1:31 P

Thank you for starting this... I am also having a beach wedding and have been wanting to tone up my arms.

I plan on talking to the trainer at the gym on Monday to find out what I can do that will focus on my arms as I only have a couple of months to get them looking slimmer.

I'd rather be hated for being me than loved for something that I'm not!

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1/27/12 10:31 A


I do Barre3 total body life. It has a section that works your arms, back, and chest. And you can definitely feel your abs shaking during the ab section! I like it because I can do it every single day and not feel overwhelmed.

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1/27/12 9:40 A

First, let me congratulate everyone in this forum! I am newly engaged and to be married in November. It's a beach wedding, so I was curious if anyone had some awesome upper body workouts they recommend.

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