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KATEATITAGAIN SparkPoints: (1,925)
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2/1/12 10:21 A

I want in on this! Even if I don't lose any weight before the wedding, I want toned arms too!!!

I joined the 28-day bootcamp challenge and have been doing an extra 9-minute arm video, but I'm thinking of getting into a modified P90X workout in March (probably will only do the strength workouts at 1/2 the reps and run, not all the cardio that they do)

AJREYES4 SparkPoints: (1,384)
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1/30/12 11:08 A

Thanks again for the insiders. This weekend was a BUST! I was under the weather and ate without guilt. Didn't manage to keep much of anything down though, not sure if that was a plus. As for fitness; I slept. Today is the start of a new week and although my immune system is still a bit weak, I'm determined to get back on track. Have a blessed day my Spark Friends! emoticon

SMCS28 SparkPoints: (6,406)
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1/29/12 6:48 P

Tommy Europe's Last 10 lbs is awesome! It has nutrition plans and great strength and interval works all of your body, so that you won't be lopsided emoticon

AJREYES4 SparkPoints: (1,384)
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1/28/12 12:11 A

Thank for the info! I will definitely look into it. emoticon

MOTIVATEDKAT SparkPoints: (1,036)
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1/27/12 1:31 P

Thank you for starting this... I am also having a beach wedding and have been wanting to tone up my arms.

I plan on talking to the trainer at the gym on Monday to find out what I can do that will focus on my arms as I only have a couple of months to get them looking slimmer.

NORIGREY SparkPoints: (2,505)
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1/27/12 10:31 A


I do Barre3 total body life. It has a section that works your arms, back, and chest. And you can definitely feel your abs shaking during the ab section! I like it because I can do it every single day and not feel overwhelmed.

AJREYES4 SparkPoints: (1,384)
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1/27/12 9:40 A

First, let me congratulate everyone in this forum! I am newly engaged and to be married in November. It's a beach wedding, so I was curious if anyone had some awesome upper body workouts they recommend.

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