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Nichole Nichols seated exercise videos

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3/27/13 9:05 A

I learned about these videos via a link on the Sparkies Down Under team boards. Such a blessing, because I'm unable to do anything much other than a short walk, due to OA in most of my joints. Felt like I'd really had a workout, although brief, after working out to the 9 minute arms and shoulders exercise video. Know my 'jelly belly' is going to be wondering what hit it after a few more days of seated workouts!

I'm so very pleased to know I can still work out on the days when my lower body isn't willing to bear my weight. I am actually EXCITED about exercising!!! Never would have believe that could happen to me, lol. Thank you once again, Spark People!

Posts: 1,283
1/27/13 4:23 P

I want to thank everyone too for the info on these seated exercises. Some days my arthiritis does not allow me to work-out and do what I would like. This is a great alternative. Wish there was a way to bookmark these.

Denise in PA emoticon

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Posts: 3
1/27/13 4:09 P

Thanks so much!

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1/27/13 3:12 P

If you're looking for more aerobics workouts that can be done in a chair, try YOUTUBE. YOUTUBE has tons of free chair workouts posted. Choose the ones that best suits your needs and abilities.

Also, there are chair workout DVDs available on amazon. these are a couple of examples. check your local library if you want to try them before buying. Not only can you borrow books from the library, but you can borrow DVDs too.

SparkPoints: (73,366)
Fitness Minutes: (34,785)
Posts: 5,088
1/27/13 2:15 P

There might be a printable option for the workouts. Go through them and take a look. You could always write down the moves with a brief explanation of what it is and take it with you.

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Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 3
1/27/13 1:44 P

I realize that they are available online for free but I'd like the video to play in my exercise room. I can't work out where my computer is. Too bad. Those are really nice seated exercises.

SparkPoints: (98,834)
Fitness Minutes: (99,987)
Posts: 13,065
1/27/13 12:49 P

they're not available to buy because they are available for FREE.>

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Posts: 3
1/27/13 12:32 P

Does anyone know if and where you can buy Nichole's seated exercise videos. I really need those. I can't seem to find them anywhere. Why aren't they available to buy??

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