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11/27/12 10:04 A

The urge to binge is rearing its ugly head with me again. There are some very good tips in this thread. Especially the comment about high GI foods at night.

MALASIL Posts: 66
11/27/12 9:29 A

Have some healthy choices on hand that will allow you to have a snack but not blow the whole day. I like PB2. It's chocolate peanut butter and it's great with a banana or even on 35 calorie bread with a little low-sugar strawberry jelly. It may not sound very appetizing...but I love it! Find something low-cal that satisfies your cravings.

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11/27/12 8:48 A

I only just joined the site yesterday, so I've only logged yesterday so far. I'll take all of this in to consideration though, and try to eat larger meals.

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11/27/12 8:26 A

for whatever reason i can only see one day in your tracker right now, but i would say that the composition of your meals is secondary to simply not eating enough. and when you don't eat enough all day, by the time you're bored in the evening your body is crying out for food. which makes it that much easier to shovel in high calorie foods.

for breakfast you have listed a sugar cereal and a banana for about 170 cals. this is a great breakfast amount if you eat six times a day. this is not a three square meals meal. personally i think cereal is useless to eat, so i would say to ditch it entirely and spend the calories on something else that might actually fill you up. plain oatmeal would get you more protein and fiber for your cals and if you added eggs, egg whites or nut butter to it even more so. a bagel with cheese and an apple with peanut butter would be another way to add more things that you actually want from food. so would a veggie omelet.

for lunch you had a half serving of meat and a serving of fruit. so with a serving of grains from breakfast and a serving of fruit from breakfast you've only eaten 3.5 of the 16 minimum servings of food you should be getting a day. you need to at least double your meat to get a full serving. having it on top of a salad with veggies would be a great way to add bulk and fill you up. or a in a wrap with veggies.

for dinner you had a 130 cal soup. again, 100-200 cals is fine for a meal if you're eating six plus times a day. it's simply not enough food otherwise and promotes bingeing.

your snacks seem to be where your binge started. do remember that you only had 4.5 servings of food [i'll count the soup as a potato and vegetable]. so you didn't have any servings of the 2-3 servings of dairy to get daily. you had half a serving of meat, beans, nuts and legumes of the 2-3 servings you should be getting a day. you had one starchy veggie of the 3-5 servings of veggies you should be getting a day [and you should be limiting your starchy veggies to no more than one a day]. you got two servings of fruit of the 3-5 fruits you should be getting a day. and you got one of the 6-11 grains you should be getting a day. though if you want to go lower carb replacing some of the grains with fruits or veggies or meat is fine imo, but you still need to be eating the right amount of servings. and you're getting in 1/4 of the servings of food you need. that's why you're hungry, you aren't eating. and then you go for popcorn and pizza and crackers because they have high cals and your body needs food desperately.

make sure you are getting in calories and vegetables and fat and fiber and protein. that's what is going to stop you from inhaling things in the evening. if you're aiming for three square meals a day, your breakfast should be at least 300 cals [double what you are getting]. your lunch should be at least 400 cals [three to four times what you are eating] and your dinner should be at least 500 cals [four times what you are eating] and that still leaves room for 300 cals of snacks, and that's if you're in the lowest cal range.

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11/27/12 7:39 A

I put an end to night binging by having a late dinner (at 8pm). I still eat with my family but I have a light snack at 5pm while they're eating their dinner.

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11/26/12 9:05 P

Herbal tea has helped me a ton!! Also, I eat dinner closer to 8pm. Then the kitchen shuts down, lights go off, I track my dinner and do a report for the day. That also helps me from wandering back into the kitchen looking for food.

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11/26/12 8:31 P

ELLLIEMAEE, I've had the same results as the other poster. The higher in sugar my dinner is, the worse the late night cravings. Any kind of alcohol contributes and makes it worse, hot tea without sugar (lemon or calorie free sweetener) helps a lot. Peppermint or tension tamer are my favorites, anything with chamomile is good too.

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11/26/12 8:28 P

That's good to know, thank you!

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11/26/12 8:25 P

For many people (but not all), night binging is a fairly direct result of your dinner make-up, and your exercise routine. Assuming you don't exercise after dinner...if you have alot of carbs with a high glycemic index at dinner (eg white rice...potato...bread with white flour...sugary anything etc etc), you may get an energy 'crash' in an hour or two. That may trigger a need to snack to make it through to bedtime.

For me, I tend to have my higher glycemic index stuff in the morning or for lunch (closer to my workout routines), and then mainly have greener veggies and meat for dinner. It took me a while to learn this to get rid of my night-time binges and urges. Your results may vary.

Good luck!

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11/26/12 8:01 P

Like clockwork, 7/8:00 rolls around and I'm drawn to anything and everything edible. I'll continue to want to eat, and probably will eat, until I've fallen asleep.
I had an awesome workout today, yet I just ruined it with a can of soda and two slices of pizza, even though I had already eaten dinner.

Does anyone else have this problem? How do you make yourself stop?

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