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9/6/12 10:33 P

it hard doing you'r walking and work. and make the time to do it

CMILLER921 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/5/12 10:33 P

You are not the only one out there that struggles with this. I started out by doing little things, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. After a while of doing things like this I found that I had more energy and started to walk to work. Just make the small changes and the big ones will come.
Also if you're not a morning person trying walking in the evening.
Best of luck to you! You can do it!

ANDREAG89 SparkPoints: (27,515)
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9/5/12 3:42 P

A bariatric doctor is going to tell you that you can't lose weight without surgery because his/her business is based on weight-loss surgery. If you don't want surgery, don't have it. Remove the weight the safe and smart way - it's been done before by people who have hundreds of pounds to lose, so it CAN be done!

Secondly, I read a spark tip from someone, or it was on their page, or SOMETHING in this site where she said, "Weight loss is a job." I've re-written this several times now because it's such a good and true-to-the-core statement. There are times you just don't WANT to do your job, but you have to. Weight loss is the same way. It's a job. So, you have to get out of bed and do your job whether you want to or not. We can pout all we want, but we still have to do our jobs.

So to that I say in order to get motivated,
1. Look at the weight-loss like it's a job. You've done a great job at this already, but just have to keep working.
2. Do all you can to spend as much time on this site as you can in order to stay motivated.

That's my best advice, and it's probably advice I was given from others. But hey, good advice is worth giving!!
Best wishes to you. You can do it!

STARDUST_1970 Posts: 203
9/5/12 11:58 A

i think i joined your group. Not sure though as there are a few. :P thank you for the invite.

AUNTMISSA Posts: 136
9/5/12 9:34 A

hi! i totally know how u feel. this is my 2nd week being on sparkpeople and really watching my diet and exersise and im down 1.5 lbs. in the past i always gave up after 2wks cuz i only lose about 1 lb (pathetic i know, i wanna see more results and faster but i know thats not possible). maybe pick ONE thing to cut out of your diet(mine was soda and recently i cut out fast food on wknds) and go from there. i bought a cool new food journal to motivate me. im addicted to logging on here and getting points lol so maybe spice up your spark page or something. do u have facebook? i made a page called "get fit dont quit" to try and motivate me and my friends and i share motivational quotes on there and such if u wanna check it out. whatever u do, dont give up! I dont know if you are a religous person or not but i pray every night for the strength and motivation for the next day and it really helps!

MINILOVER1 Posts: 3,382
9/1/12 3:31 P

We all go through the same battle but I have found that once you do something everyday for 21 days, you feel guilty if you even think of not doing it. You have done so much so far. Don't give up!! Even if it is just doing leg extensions while sitting down. Or doing bicep curls with small weights while you sit down. If you keep thinking that the only exercise you can get is walking, then you are going to get bored and not want to do it. I have been there!! Put together an exercise program for each day of the week and paste it where you can see it like near your computer. This will remind you to exercise. Even 10 minutes makes a big difference. emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
9/1/12 12:30 A

emoticon Make SEPTEMBER the best month yet. Use all 30 days to work toward your goal. Listen to this 3 part lecture by Richard Johnson M.D. who is a Professor in Colorado at the medical school. He wrote "THE SUGAR FIX."

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
8/31/12 4:59 P

We all fight the same battle daily, the key is to run toward your goal no matter what. emoticon

STARDUST_1970 Posts: 203
8/31/12 11:09 A

Thank you so much for your encouragement. my biggest obstacle is myself. I talk myself out of everything i want and need.

TMC1982 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/30/12 3:59 P

But you have already come so far! Don't give up now... you already have done so much so obviously you can do it. And whats the point? Obviously its something that matters to you because you are here now. Try to make a habit to log in more often, it sounds like you havent been but when you were you were doing so well. Friends and family might not be there for support but this site is wonderful. Prove to yourself you can do this. I always tell myself, i dont want to get up early and go to work every day... but I do, right? If i can come to a job I dont enjoy, how can I not make time for myself and my own health. My goal right now is just to get back on track. small goals so I dont get overwhelmed. And to make sure to log in here daily and read at LEAST one motivating article. There was a good one today about how we tell ourselves we cant do this... but we can.

I always find that when I get off my healthy kick its so hard to get back on, the first few weeks are the toughest but after that it all becomes habit again. And we cant let little things get us off track. If you take one step back... take two steps forward. It truly is a battle of the mind. I find that with running. I never thought I could and 90% of my struggles with it are my own mind. My mind tries to convince me i cant do it even when my body still feels good. Try concentrating on small girls. and keep tellingyourself you CAN do it... because girl, you can!

STARDUST_1970 Posts: 203
8/30/12 8:50 A

I am struggling so much with myself. I don't know if any of you will understand this or maybe you all will and i just think i am alone in this. I have this battle in myself that i can't seem to get the right side to conquer the battle.
On one side, I want to be healthy and running marathons, ect... I want and enjoy (when i do it) to walk everyday. I actually enjoy a good workout sweat. It is very addicting. I want to eat healthy. I have even contemplated the plant based diet because of my Diabetes. I want all this so badly. This isn't so much about being skinny as it is being healthy and getting my Diabetes under control.
Then we have the other side that says....meh, it is too hard, you can't do it. Who cares? It is easier to sit on my butt all day and do nothing. Why try, you'll just fail. Not to mention what the bariatric doctor said when i went to a weight loss program through a bariatric hospital "it will be impossible for you to lose the amount of weight you need to lose without surgery". I will not have surgery. I weigh 282, i was at 274 a few months ago but gained some back. I started this at 315 lbs so i have had some success but just can't find my way back to working out every day. I did buy a lot of veggies and healthy stuff to eat but how do i get myself going again. I don't find myself spending as much time on sp as i used to. I just don't feel like this is accomplishable on my own anymore. I have no support from family or friends.
I woke at 6 am this morning and first thought was go to for a walk but i started talking myself out of it right away. Grrrrr how do you handle the battle of the mind?

Thanks for all you support

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