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9/6/11 5:33 P

If it's raining, or very humid, you could go to a mall to walk, or if you are in an apartment building, walk in the halls. If it's raining, take an umbrella and walk outside. Or walk in place while watching something on tv or listening to music - 10 minutes at a time is all it takes.

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9/6/11 11:28 A

Good for you for doing some strength exercises. I look for opportunities when I can. Your son is luck y to have you there to help with the boys. When the weather is nicer I'm sure they will be as anxious to get outside as you are!

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9/6/11 11:25 A

Unfortunately, I live in an in-law apt. at the back of my son's house - not much room to walk. We have my treadmill and a bike in the garage. However, with Hurricane Irene we were flooded. We also had a flash flood 2 weeks before Irene. This past Sunday we spent cloroxing the garage and disinfecting everything again. It now has to have time to dry and we don't have the greatest drying weather today. Once everything is cleaned because we still need to do the basement again it won't smell so musty. Then I will be able to go down in the garage when the weather is nasty. Until then I need to do some alternative :)

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9/6/11 10:15 A

My mother (age 94) walks daily in her own house. She can't go out in bad weather (hot or cold) either. But she is SO fit for her age, thank God. Her doctor and physical therapist advise her on what exercises will be helpful amd safe, and she does them regularly.

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9/6/11 10:01 A

Weight loss is 80% nutrition... are you logging your food?

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9/6/11 9:10 A

I can't get in my walking today, same as yesterday. Yesterday was too humid for me (asthma) and today is rainy! So I am going to do my back exercises and some exercises I remember from Callanetics that I used to do in my 30's. I babysit my 2 grandsons while Mom is working. You think that would help me lose a lb here or there - nope LOL

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