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9/6/12 10:24 A

hii jenny...good have deided to make some changes for a new lifestyle..good for yuuu...i found that once i decided to make new plans.. like working out in the morning it took will power to do.. these are new plans.. you have to program yurself to the new idea.... maybe six am is too early.. i have found my peak walking time is two pm.. when do yuuuu have the most energy??? yu want to do a morning work out ??? the air is perfect and cool this time of day.....yu decided - now commit...set the alarm and remind yurself why you want this... think of how healthy yu will feel!! such energy will come from this... you may not do this every day..even if yu get up at nine do ten minutes.. the journey of a thousand miles begins with a few steps..........and when yu go to bed promise yourself that yu will set the alarm and at least get out of bed look at yur pretty face in the mirror and ask is today the morning yu will do it !!!!!push yourself and yu will feeeel the rewards and feel great!!!! many times i have driven to the park and just sat there think ing ..... ok yur lazy just walk to the next park bench and seee how yu feel....i am always surprized that i will go a little further once i start.. some days i go for ten minutes and thats ok.. and others i go for an hour

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9/6/12 9:14 A

Yeah, I'm not a morning person either.

Two observations:

1. There are some things that are easier to get up for than others. What was your workout plan? Is it something that you enjoy? Maybe you could switch it up and try something new. At this time of year, 6 am is usually one of the nicest times to be outside. Maybe biking, walking, or running some place where you could see some natural beauty would make it seem more like an activity and less like a chore. Or maybe there is a fun class you could take. Zumba? Yoga? Tennis? Or find a friend to go with you. Not only would someone be counting on you to be somewhere at a particular time, but you would have someone to chat with.

2. If you have the kind of life that lets you stay in bed until 8:40, enjoy it! So jealous! If you had set the alarm for 7:30 instead of 6:00, would you have been able to get up? You may just need the extra rest. If you had given yourself the extra hour and a half sleep, you would still have been able to get a decent workout in by 8:40.

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8/31/12 1:25 P

You just have to do it. What are your reasons for wanting to get up and workout? Focus on those. There are days when 4:30 comes waaaaaaaaaay too early for me. After getting up at this time for a year, it's just a habit, and I just have to drag my bum out of bed. Prior to that, I just told myself that my goals (to be healthier and lose weight) did not come free. Sure, you can lose weight without working out, but I knew I'd feel and look better if exercise was involved. I used my determination to achieve my goals as my motivation.

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8/31/12 1:11 P

Hi, Jenny !

Even though you might have missed your morning workout, how about a walk at lunch time ? Do you get an hour for lunch ? If so, take 20-30 minutes to go outside and take a walk. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too.

If you didn't have time at lunch, why not do one of Coach Nicole's 10-15 minute workouts this evening ? You don't have to workout in the morning to be healthy. You could workout at lunch time or even have a short workout in the evening.

10 minutes is all you need to get started.

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8/31/12 11:58 A


Just commit yourself to 10 minutes and if after that time you do not want to do any more, give yourself permission to stop. More times than not, the getting started is truly the hardest part.

Coach Nancy

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8/31/12 11:41 A

I woke up at 6am to workout but... its now 8:40am and I'm still in bed. I have no motivation to get up let alone exercise. How do I motivate myself?

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