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6/22/12 12:08 A

Thanks for your posts. I think some people overreacted...

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6/21/12 11:55 P


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6/21/12 5:57 P

I get busy. I REALLY do. I'm the mom of two small kids myself... it gets crazy, even if you don't want it to!

But what it comes down to is simple: This isn't about having fun, or doing something because you should... it's about your health. Is your health important enough to make time for? Are you sure that there's absolutely NOTHING in your life that you can't sacrifice for five minutes to do a one-time food entry? Not any single thing? You can't get up five minutes earlier?

This isn't about luxury. This is your weight, your health. If you sincerely, honestly can't find 5 minutes of your time to lose weight and improve your health, you may not be ready yet. And that's okay. What it comes down to is you have to be on board with this, and be willing to do what it takes. And if entering a label once is too hard, it's not time yet for you. It'll come.

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6/21/12 3:14 P

"If you want something badly enough, you find a reason. If you don't, you find an excuse".

Nope, sorry. There was a post just recently from a woman who said she didn't think with her full time job and two little kids she could find time for exercise, but she did and she felt great!

If you are really THAT strapped for time on a daily basis, spending the few 5-10 minutes you do have to yourself on your food tracker will help you much more than 5-10 minutes of exercise will. It is simply the number one single most helpful thing you can do to help yourself lose weight.

So find time. Accept no excuses.

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6/21/12 9:44 A

This is taking a very judgmental tone. I have a hard time with the food tracker too, and not because I "won't" or don't feel like it. I work full-time, have a long commute, care for two small children and an elderly relative. I haven't had more than five hours of sleep a night for years. Once I add exercise, yes, five or ten minutes a day is a luxury.

We don't know much about the other posters here, but they may have lives that are busy and stressful. Typing in nutritional information for every last thing we eat can be enough of an obstacle to turn someone off to Sparkpeople for good. Nasty comments from members who should be supportive doesn't help eather. I wouldn't blame the previous poster at all if she went to another site with more food options - and nicer members. Perhaps we can help each other to do these inconvenient tasks by being encouraging rather than critical.

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6/20/12 1:10 A

That's a good point Heather. If someone absolutely refuses to spend even 10 minutes a day doing something that will help them ... how badly do they want to achieve their goal?

Some people accept no excuses ... others look for them.

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6/19/12 6:35 P

It only takes a few minutes to enter the labels from your food, and you only have to do it once. It takes me an average of 30-40 seconds to enter a new food; then I'm done.

You have to ask yourself? Do you want to lose weight? Is losing weight worth 5 minutes of your time to enter a few foods just once? Once you've entered them, they're saved, and you won't have to do it again.

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6/19/12 9:31 A

"I can't take my time to go through and enter everything off each label of everything I eat :("

You can't? or won't?

Since you can't/won't do what many of us do on a regular basis (me included!), you have two other choices:

1) failure, as weight loss is 80% nutrition. If you don't rein in your calories, you will not lose weight.

2) totally redoing your diet to only include foods listed. That way you can select everything off the database!

Your choice!

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6/19/12 1:59 A

Can't you? I'm from New Zealand. We don't get American products and the Spark database is entirely American. You can't do what I did? Why not? What makes you less able to do that than I am?

Yes you CAN do that. You might choose not to and that's a preference and fine, but it's not that you "can't" ...

What specifically have you looked for? The database is quite comprehensive, and when you search for things entered by other users as well you get a wide variety of foods. If you want to claim the database is too narrow it would be helpful to know what you're looking for.

Do bear in mind that it IS an American database. If you're not American, your local product brand names are not going to be in there.

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6/18/12 10:25 P

Yes, but on other sites with trackers, I've seen some that have pretty much everything. I can't take my time to go through and enter everything off each label of everything I eat :(

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6/18/12 10:16 P

All the basics ARE there.
What specifically can you not find?

If you are buying prepared foods from the grocery store, all the necessary information is listed on the packaging.

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6/18/12 9:25 P

Is it just me or are there not many options on the nutrition tracker?Virtually none of the foods I've tried to enter are coming up and I've only been here a few days. Most of them are pretty typical things -- name brands from everyday grocery stores. That kind of discourages me to use the site ... :( emoticon

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