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4/16/13 6:35 A

SlimmerKiwi is spot on with the answer.

The choice is yours.
Either you track or not. However, those who do, find it a learning experience, and have a better idea of where their danger spots are, and where they need to improve regarding nutritional balance.

I, too, do not use the meals suggested by SP. I make my own.
I add ingredients to my favourites - mostly those I've put in myself, but for basic ones, I use the SP entries (like vegetables, fruits, etc.). The reason for entering my own is that I like to enter by weight or volume, rather than "one serving". To me, that is a meaningless amount - because I have no idea what someone else considers a serving size.

So, now that they are in my favourites (yes, it took a while to get it the way I needed it to look), they are easily added.

Additionally, I've put in recipes that I use frequently, and put them in my recipe box, so I can just choose that as an entry on my tracker.

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4/16/13 3:31 A

I don't use their meal planner at all. Where it comes to the time to enter your food, it really doesn't take more than a couple minutes. If you want to substitute something you don't like for something you do, then the only way you will accurately know what you are consuming, and thereby having the ability to tweak, is for you to make the effort to do it. If you want to have a look at my Nutrition Tracker you will see that I generally enter in TONS of food on a daily basis. Even THAT only takes a few minutes! Most of the stuff is in my favourites, which I might add I have to manually enter the Nutritional info into there in the first place because NZ doesn't have a lot of the foods that the States has.

I can assure you, good health and a healthy lifestyle IS worth making the effort for! The choice is yours!


4/15/13 11:45 P

Any tips for using the meal planner? I selected for sparkpeople to do it for me but then find out I don't care for the items they put into my meal plans, but then I'm far too lazy to go in after the fact and add every single little item.

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