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9/9/11 6:54 A

Love it!!!

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9/8/11 7:40 P

I try to live each day as my last,(because you never know) that is what freed me to be authentically me. However if I knew it was my last day. I would throw a gigantic praise party, declaring the goodness of my Creator who gave me free will to choose. My life good and bad has been a sum of the choices I have made. I am a living version of as a man thinketh so is he ( or in my case she)

So I would exit this planet with praise on my lips, love in my heart and good will to all.

Live well each breath is precious....Celebrate the beauty of who you are. emoticon

TATTER3 SparkPoints: (318,447)
Fitness Minutes: (177,669)
Posts: 14,832
9/8/11 2:05 P

If you knew for certain that you only had 1 day left on earth and had the ability to go, to see, to say, to do, to experience absolutely ANYthing in that time frame...what would you want to have on your list?

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