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4/16/12 9:23 A


went down slowly but surely

my official wi is at tops on wednesday

MICHELE.R Posts: 2,898
4/15/12 10:59 A

Count me in! I weigh-in on Sundays.

SW 4/15: 218.9

4/22: 217.2 (-1.7)
4/29: 215.8 (-1.4)
5/06: 216.7 (+0.9)
5/13: 216.5 (-0.2)
5/20: 216.5 (-0)

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4/15/12 8:19 A





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3/24/12 7:57 A

count me in

W8BEGONE81 Posts: 176
3/20/12 12:22 P

Hola Danny!

Of course you can join me. I'm hoping that more people would be interested so lets see how it goes. :)


--MEOW-- Posts: 4,622
3/19/12 9:25 P

Hiii, I would like to join :)

W8BEGONE81 Posts: 176
3/19/12 2:05 P

Hi Sparkers,

I'm recommitting to losing weight, again. I lost 75 pounds several years ago by using SP and I know that this will work for me again - if I have the proper support. I am now 310 lbs at the age of 30 and I feel like I've been hit with a ton of bricks. My body can't take this weight anymore and I need to make some changes. I have two beautiful children who I would love to see grow up and become wonderful human beings.

I have many reasons for wanting to get healthy, and I want to start with small goals which will eventually help me meet my larger goal of losing 160 lbs. That goal will be losing at least 1 lb a week. It's not something new that hasn't been brought up to this site but it's new in the sense that I want a fresh start and I rather start with small goals that larger ones because one lb at a time is better than not doing anything at all. With that said I could definitely use a group of people to stay motivated with me!

Since it will be a challenge I want to get a team set up so that we can keep things in one place but before I do that I would like to know that a few people would be up for it. I will provide rules & regulations (nothing too strict), daily/weekly challenges, request that we start with before and after photos for the beginning and end of each big challenge. In addition to having a great support system set up I would like to pair up buddies so that they can help each other out throughout this journey. To spice it up maybe we can have a prize at the end of each big challenge so we can get even more motivated, just an idea being thrown out. If you are interested please respond to this post and lets begin NOW!


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