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3/27/11 11:36 A

As the weather gets warmer in the Spring/Summer/Fall time, it's a great time to get out. You can take your daughter out in a stroller after dinner and go for a walk. You could even invite your husband to come along.

RHARRI Posts: 1,231
3/15/11 1:14 P

I realize I might be a bit late in responding but if it helps that is all that matters. I am a mother of a 2 and 5 year old that also works full time 4 days a week. You are busy! You can get a workout in though. I have to say I love my Biggest Loser workout DVD's. ESP the original Cardio Max and the newer Power Walk. I will say that a huge motivator for me to "take" the time for myself was getting a heart rate monitor. It gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment knowing what I burned in calories each day. Sometimes I just put in a Mickey Mouse CD or Imagination Movers CD and dance for 20 minutes with my kids. Its still moving and they love it that I'm with them.(as do I) It sure takes away the guilt of spending yet more time without them to get exercise in. GOOD LUCK you are going to figure this out.

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LENNYPC Posts: 2
3/8/11 11:47 A

Thank you for your support and ideas. My husband is going to try to give me some "me" times in the evenings so I can try to get some excercise in...let's hope I don't just fall asleep, hahaha. I'm also looking forward to daylight savings and the weather improving. I'd love to take my little girl out for some walks. Thank you!!

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3/8/11 9:40 A

As a mother of four, I completely understand how busy you are. If you could take her out in a stroller and maybe go walking in the evenings or on weekends. That's how I got started back on track. Make that time for yourself, you deserve it! emoticon It's okay if the house is not spotless or if there are a few dishes in the sink. Your health and well being is what's important, too. If you're not taking care of yourself, then you can't take care of that precious little girl.

Best of luck!

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3/8/11 8:36 A

I am sure you are exhausted with a little one running around not sure if you could wake up early to exercise (as I am sure sleep is extremely precious) but maybe you could find time to go to library and maybe rent some work out videos or do some of the free spark videos on the computer before you go to bed?

Good luck and be blessed!

LENNYPC Posts: 2
3/7/11 5:36 P

I'm a mother of one, she's 21 months old with multiple health issues. She has been trached since 3 months, and eats through a G-tube. Until recently, she has been on a ventilator 24/7. We are now doing "trials" where she is only on oxygen assistance periodically throughout the day, which is good since she is now trying to walk. So now I find myself following her all over the house. I also work full-time (unfortunately a sit-down job), and my husband is a full-time student since being laid off in 2009. Between work, school, chores, errands, and taking care of our daughter I barely have time to relax. I'm doing my best to stay motivated, but how does one find the time to exercise? We don't have room, nor the money, to purchase exercise equipment. Any suggestions as to easy exercises that can be done in a home. Thank you!

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