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PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
8/3/08 9:29 P

Well it has been a while but I am back. Back with some extra pounds. :)

Weighed in this morning at 135.2. Lovely. Also, took some even more lovely 'before' pics. Will post them and update my spark page tomorrow.

The good news is, the move is over and I am ready be healthy again. Today was a good first day back. Coming in just over 1200 calories and took a 30 minute walk with the pups. I am sure tomorrow will be even better.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/26/08 9:48 A

Probably not until late July\early August. Joe won't start teaching until the fall so we have a while.

Today is your big day!!! See you tonight!

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
4/25/08 12:29 A

OMG!!!! When you moving???

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/23/08 10:32 A

Well...I found out on Monday that we will be moving to Owensboro. It is so exciting but scary at the same time. I have lived in Louisville for the past 5 years. Crazy.

That is the main reason why I have been so stressed and haven't been around Spark that much. I have done nothing but pig out lately and it is bad. However, I have a lot more to focus on and do right now that hopefully the excessive eating will cease. I probably won't be posting much over the next couple of months due to the amount of work that needs to be done to prepare us to move in August. I am thinking that I will be working so much that I just won't have time to eat. We'll see...

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
4/16/08 10:58 A

I'll message you! :)

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/16/08 9:08 A

Great! I was a little nervous I wouldn't know anyone besides you.

Yes, I will need directions or just your address.

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
4/16/08 8:12 A

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me sooo happy! You have no idea!!! :) I cant wait to party with some chics... lol!!! Are you coming to my house? If you need directions let me know... Dez, Marissa, and Heather will be there also!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/15/08 7:51 P

Crap. Sorry. I forgot to call. Yes I am planning on coming. Oh and I forgot to RSVP for you wedding too. Joe and I will be there! Funny how you can stick something on your fridge and not notice it. Oops.

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
4/15/08 7:59 A

Hey chic! Are you coming to my Bachelorette Party Friday?? :) It will be fun..... hehe...

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
4/11/08 9:36 A

Great job! Sometimes the scale doesn't reflect the hard work you've put in! :)

Good Luck this weekend! Just try to make smart choices! That is my goal for this weekend also!!! We are going out of Curtis' friend's bday... so I am really going to try and watch the alcohol intake! :) But try to do lots of dancing!!!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/11/08 8:46 A

Sometimes I really hate the scale. Back to 130.6 today. Arg. AND I was good yesterday. Double Arg. I am hoping it is just due to muscle soreness. Chugging a TON of water today and sticking to just yoga for my workout.

I didn't get out of bed in time to do pilates this morning. I was going to do a little Yoga until one of the puppies had an accident so the rest of my morning was spent cleaning that up. Oh well 4 out 5 isn't bad for my first week.

This weekend is going to be kind of rough. I just found out yesterday that I am going to help my dad move my grandpa out of his assisted living place. Lots of furniture moving but once again I will be forced to eat out and most likely mexican. Time to go look up some lower cal mexican food...

Deficit Tracking:

BMR + Calories Burned - Calories Consumed = Deficit

1387 + 1080 - 1349 = 1118 (See how good I was!)

Weekly total = 2569

SUPERMOTO Posts: 1,399
4/10/08 11:36 A

Congrats on being back in the 120s!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/10/08 10:24 A

My body is hurting today. Fitness Fusion and Kickboxing are going to suck but in a good way. A girl needs her butt kicked every once in a while.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/10/08 8:56 A

BMR till Monday...1387.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/10/08 8:55 A

So I weighed in at 129.6 today! Woo hoo! Back under 130. Now I just have to be good through the weekend.

Deficit Tracking:

BMR + Calories Burned - Calories Consumed = Deficit

1398 + 405 - 1233 = 570

Weekly total = 1451

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/10/08 6:51 A butt hurts.

Just finished Pilates Buns and Thighs and wow that thing was harder than I remembered. Shows what happens when you don't work out consistantly.

Time to go weigh in...cross your fingers.

SUPERMOTO Posts: 1,399
4/9/08 5:15 P

Good luck today! Try a little sprint in your cardio. Hope you make under 130 tomorrow - Love that!!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/9/08 2:28 P

Haha. That got my calorie range back to 1200-1550. I was sitting at like 1380 to 1730 or something like that. (Not like I was following it.) I guess because my goal was set to 10/24. I want to reach 115 before then and just maintain until Homecoming.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/9/08 2:25 P

So I changed my report ticker\red line thing to reflect my mini goals. I think this will help me stay on track better and focus more on what needs to be done.

Right now I am right where I need to be hit 127 by Jen's wedding. This is comforting especially since I have slipped up during the past several weekends.

I think my next mini goal will be to be under 123 by 5/30. That gives me almost 5 weeks to lose 4 lbs. I might reevaluate around Jen's wedding depending on where I am.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/9/08 9:34 A

Weighed in at exactly 130 this morning. Going to try and boost the cardio tonight to get below 130 tomorrow!

I also got up and worked out this morning. 20m of Pilates! I just need to keep this up!

Deficit Tracking:

BMR + Calories Burned - Calories Consumed = Deficit

1398 + 390 - 1334 = 454

Weekly total = 881

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/8/08 9:41 A

I know the math works and I see such great results when I am being good. I just need to figure out how to stick with it and not get so off track on the weekends!

Yesterday went well and it shows...down to 130.8 today. Much better than the 132.2 I saw yesterday. Today I have a ST class during lunch and I brought milk for a protein shake afterwards! I can't wait to get that body back I had last year when my protein and ST was up. I had so much less cellulite! It's not even funny. I just need to keep that in mind! Cottage cheese...mmmm...

Got up this morning and only had about 10 mins to do some Yoga because the forecast changed and I had to water the plants. I love soaking my pants in the morning before work. Yay! But still that stretching felt great. Tomorrow I will do pilates again.

Deficit Tracking:

BMR + Calories Burned - Calories Consumed = Deficit

1398 + 408 - 1379 = 427

Weekly total = 427

SUPERMOTO Posts: 1,399
4/7/08 3:18 P

Good luck with that. The math works if you stick to it!!! It's all about the deficit :)

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/7/08 10:52 A

Back to deficit tracking (and this time I am actually going to stick to it!):

BMR: 1398

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/7/08 9:24 A


I was under 130...

Not anymore. Ugh.

But I will be back there by Thursday and I will stay there this time!

Robin, I am so the same way. All or nothing. Either I am being super good and drinking a ton of water or I am pigging out and not drinking any. Weird.

Plan for this week:

Work out before work each day. Day 1 - Done!
Track every thing. No cheating!

SUPERMOTO Posts: 1,399
4/4/08 5:36 P

Under 130! Good job.

Water makes me feel amazing. I don't know why I am all or nothing with the water (if I have a bad food day, I drink maybe a cup if I am really thirsty,lol). And it is so good for our skin!!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/4/08 11:28 A

I finally got my 10 glasses of water in yesterday! It had been a while. Too bad I kind of carb loaded at the end of the day. Still haven't calculated the damage.

Didn't weigh this morning because I got up super late and kind of forgot.

Thinking about doing a one day detox on Sunday. I want to start my protein shake routine again and I think that would be a good way to start. Having mainly just a liquid day should be interesting. We'll see.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/3/08 11:32 A

The weigh-in went well this morning. 129.8 lbs and 27.5% BF. Yay.

Goal for this weekend. Up my water intake and not gain!

Hoping to get in a lot of outside exercise since it is supposed to be in the 60's and sunny!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/2/08 9:06 A

Came in at 130.4 again today. Better than gaining!

Last night, in an effort not to snack, I did some major spring cleaing. I really need to do this more often. The house would look a ton better and maybe I would start losing weight again!

I am super tired today. Not sure why, probably because of the cleaning. Hoping to go to yoga if I can duck out of this meeting, if not maybe the elliptical later on today. Also I hope to meet Jen tonight for a walk with the pups!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
4/1/08 9:33 A

So my weekend wasn't good for my weigh in yesterday. Came in at 131.4. Back down to 130.4 today. Hoping to see under 130 on Thursday and stay there!

Yoga was cancelled yesterday and I missed Kickboxing because of a meeting. So no working out for me but I did do some gardening. I have a ST class today and hope to do 30m of Cardio Max and hopefully some gardening, weather permitting. I love this time of year when it isn't raining!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/30/08 1:50 P

Hey Robin! Yes I am still doing kickboxing twice a week. I love it! I think there is about 5 weeks left in this session and I really hope it is available during the next. How is Cali?

Thanks for your comments Rashell! To calculate a calorie deficit you take your BMR add the calories you burned and then subtract the calories you consume. So:

BMR + Calories Burned - Calories Consumed = Deficit

As long as you get a positive number you burned more calories that day than you consumed. It really helps me stay on track. I calculate my BMR here:

Just fill in your info and your BMR is the first thing in the Results section. Hope that helps!

The past two days went ok. Been a little to social to do well. Went out last night and drank over a bottle of wine. Oops. Back on track food wise today however, I am doubting I will be working out. :)

3/28/08 7:36 P

Looks like you are doing great! I wish I had all that enthusiasm! How are you figuring out your weekly totals? The calorie deficiat thing,I heard that how you loose weight, But Im not sure how to do it?

SUPERMOTO Posts: 1,399
3/28/08 2:58 P

Are you still doing the kickboxing classes?

Have a great weekend!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/28/08 11:44 A

Well I made it and I am surprisingly not that sore. I did however get the carb munchies last night and inhaled a questionable amount of baked cheetos and animal crackers. Yuck. I don't know what got into me.

I didn't weigh in this morning and won't be able to tomorrow either. Probably won't until Monday.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/27/08 8:55 A

How did the banquet go??

OMG...I think I am going to vomit. I just ate this Muscle Milk n Oats thing and boy it was a lot more food than I am used to in the morning. Blech. On the plus side it did taste better than I expected.

Weighed in at 130.2 lbs\28%BF\50%WW this morning. About the same weight, same water weight but less body fat so that is a good sign.

Today I have Fitness Fusion AND Kickboxing. (Hence the Muscle Milk n Oats.) I think I might die. I am already sore from working out and all the digging I had to do yesterday. I have a feeling I might not be able to move tomorrow. Yay!

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
3/26/08 3:03 P

No I haven't... been so busy I didn't even get to go grab lunch! :( But I get off in less than an hour and I can't wait!!!

We are going to a basketball banquet for Curtis' team he coaches... that should be fun! Lots of yummy food.. :) I know that its emotional eating.. I need to stop... just having trouble doing that.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/26/08 1:48 P

Jen, have you been outside today?!??! It is gorgeous! I want to go home so bad.

Up to 130.6 today. Not surprising. Had a piggy moment last night and I am super sore.

Went to yoga today and I feel better but not 100%. I have a ton to do tonight so I should be able to avoid the munchies.

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
3/25/08 1:34 P

Thanks, I will! :)

I have a volleyball game tonight so I hope that gives me some much needed motivation! :) And hopefully it starts getting warmer soon!!!!!!!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/25/08 10:56 A

Only 5 weeks left!!!!

Sorry the stress is getting to you. Let me know if you need anything or need to get out for a bit.

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
3/25/08 10:29 A

Glad you are back and doing well! :)

Me?!? Not so good... :( I know the stress isn't helping... but I need to stop eating!!! It's all I want to do! EAT! :( I haven't been on the scale in over a week... I hope this stops soon... only 5 weeks to go!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/25/08 8:53 A

129.8 lbs today! Yay! Back under 130!

Today I have Fitness Fusion (ST) class. Should be good. Might take a walk with the pups tonight too.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/24/08 9:12 P

Someone really needs to not allow me to go to the grocery when I am hungry. BAAAAD idea. I bought way too much stuff. Mostly good stuff though.

Deficit Tracking:

BMR + Calories Burned - Calories Consumed = Deficit

1390 + 756 - 1331 = 815

Weekly total = 815

Starting the week off right.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/24/08 8:43 A

Weighed in at 130.4 this morning! Yay!

I was a little nervous getting on the scale because I went home this weekend and wasn't exactly perfect. I did make better choices like getting a salad and half sandwich or just eating half of the sandwich I ordered. However, I did snack a lot which included more than a few rice krispy treats. Oops.

Back in Louisville today and ready for Yoga and Kickboxing but I first have to get through a 2 hour meeting. Yuck.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/21/08 9:38 A

Down to 131.4 this morning. That is 1.6 lbs less than yesterday! What a great start!!!

I have yoga during lunch today and then after work I am heading to Owensboro. Should be a busy evening with not much time to eat so that will be good.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/20/08 9:07 P

Today was great!

Kickboxing was wonderful and I came home and took the puppies on a walk because it was so nice out. (Plus they had WAY too much energy which they took out on the carpet. Ugh.) I am so happy to get back to things.

I am heading back to Owensboro tomorrow night to visit with my new nephew. I will be taking some cardio DVDs and the pups so I can get in a walk or two. Just need to keep my food in check.

Deficit Tracking:

BMR + Calories Burned - Calories Consumed = Deficit

1402 + 761 - 1251 = 912

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/20/08 3:50 P

BMR for this week is 1402.

I think I am going to weigh in on Thursdays and Mondays. I will probably weigh everyday but these will be my official weigh in\change ticker days.

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/20/08 2:50 P

Today is going well so far. I did forget that fitness fusion was cancelled because of an offsite meeting. Probably a good thing though. I didn't really need to jump in and do that class and kickboxing. I would like to be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

Hm...what to eat for dinner...

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/20/08 1:08 P

Hehe. Only 5 weeks left till you are a married woman!

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
3/20/08 1:02 P

oh crap... that reminds me... my wedding is in 5 weeks and 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot Anne! hehe.. jk! :)

JENBUG28 Posts: 4,781
3/20/08 1:01 P

ahh... I'm touched... I'm a 'goal'! :) You can do it!!!

I LOVE the new journal name!! It's awesome!!!!! And the idea of mini goals is great! Keep it up!!

PUPSALOT Posts: 3,202
3/20/08 11:40 A

Hello again!

I decided I needed to start a new journal since it isn't exactly the new year anymore and my 'plan' didn't work out so well. If by chance you want to see the old one it is here:

This morning I weighed in at 133lbs and 50% Water Weight with 29% Body Fat. Yuck.

This time around I am going to try mini goals to build to a big goal. The big goal is still the same: 115 lbs and 18% Body Fat. I ultimately would like this to happen before 10/24/08 - My 5 year college reunion. That is 31 weeks and 1 day away.

My first mini goal is going to be Jen's wedding on 4/26/08 which is 5 weeks and 2 days away (Hi Jen!). I would like to be at 127.something by then.

OLF is now in effect!

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