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6/26/12 10:43 A

Just wondering, HMPowers (not Hanarie!), but "a few drinks"?

If we're talking alcohol, that can be an unmitigated disaster on a weight-loss plan. Just sayin'...

I would count drinks, like, 0-2 or 3 PER MONTH; but that's just me.

I DID have a SIP of white wine at a reception last week! Other than that, it's water, water, water, plus green tea. I've even cut back on my coffee (with 2% milk), yet mostly without trying!

Best of luck heading for your fitness goals!

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HMPOWERS Posts: 32
6/22/12 8:43 P

i forgot i have two user names! oops :)

HMPOWERS Posts: 32
6/22/12 8:42 P

Day 2 -

Food: alot better, followed my plan today and was right on with the meal plan. tomorrow should be a bit more challaning, i have a wedding tomorrow night but will do my best to eat well and keep the drinks to a minimum.

Workout: Plyo - i was a little tired at first. not sure how recovered i am from sunday, but i pushed on. i know my chest/back day on Thursday wasnt the best, but i am sooo sore today (lats specifically)

For tomorrow:
WO: Chest and Back, Abs
Post workout: Recovery Shake
B: Coffee with dairy, 6 egg whites, 1/2 kashi bar
L: 6oz chicken breast, Large Salad with dressing
S: Greek Yogurt and Fruit
D: Carb, 2 protien, Fat
S: Probably a few drinks...ill just go ahead and plan for it. WILL TRY TO SKIP CAKE :(

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
6/21/12 8:26 P

My adult children do the work out and they have had great success. they are on P90x2 now and also INSANITY. I know there is a Spark Team here for support that u can join.

HANARIE Posts: 30
6/21/12 8:24 P

Hello -

I just ran my first marathon and since that is done, i have decided to give P90x a try. I will be posting my NEXT day workout and meal plan, and hopefully on previous day progress. If you are doing P90X, please feel free post.

Day 1 -
I HATE weighing myself, so my goal by the end of this is to get into my favorite pair of jeans, that now only go halfway up my butt.... :(

I did chest and back today. Both pushups and pull ups were a joke. i was terrible. Tomorrow is plyo. Still somewhat sore from my run on Sunday, so we shall see.
Food - again, not good. didnt have a plan and definitly overate after dinner. put together some 'blocks' from the nutrition guide so hopefully tomorrow will go better.

WO @ 5am - Plyometrics
Post workout - Whey protien shake
B - FF Latte, 6 egg whites, 1/2 c oatmeal
L - Salad with balsamic, 6oz grilled chicken breast, LF Cottage cheese
S - Greek yogurt and 1 c blueberries
D - Tilapia, veggies in 1 T olive oil, 1 c black beans
S - Frozen Fruit bar, 1 T peanut butter

Good luck to me :)

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