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2/20/12 12:56 P

Made another panini this weekend..... Grilled chicken tossed in BBQ sauce grilled onions and reduced fat cheddar! So good

RUTHEY01 SparkPoints: (102,105)
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2/16/12 6:25 P

Italian bread, less calories than French bread
Zesty Garlic Aioli, I use Wild Wood brand
6 leaves baby spinach
1/4 cup alfalfa or clover sprouts
2 slices Yves' Veggie Canadian Bacon, or real CB if not vegetarian
1 slice Provolone cheese, I am a lacto-ovo veg so cheese is okay

MROHDE Posts: 136
2/16/12 1:49 P

Italian bread
Turkey Pepperoni
Pizza sauce
reduce fat sting cheese or mozzerella

A quick pizza pocket that puts Hot Pockets to shame.

JETB133 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,226)
Posts: 148
2/16/12 12:36 P

Check out my eggplant panini under the eggplant ideas thread! It is sooo good!

HEALTHYJ29 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/31/12 12:50 P

Scrambled eggs,cheese,veggies
Nut butter and fruit
Using whole grain type bread or wrap

KCGREEN82 Posts: 112
1/28/12 11:46 P

Thanks guys!

MROHDE Posts: 136
1/28/12 11:44 P

My wife made a recipe tonight that is great!

Thin sliced french bread
1 serving of deli turkey
reduced fat provolone

Spred to be used on 4 sandwhiches.
2T light mayo
4t of pesto

ALLISONAZ SparkPoints: (26,925)
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1/19/12 11:26 A

I don't have an official recipe, but this is my version of the Panera Tomato & Mozzarella panini:

100-calorie flat round bun
Thinly sliced tomato
Two basil leaves (you can use more if you really like basil)
Balsamic vinegar
Fat-free mozzarella

I pour a little bit of balsamic vinegar (about half a tablespoon each) on both halves of the flat bun. I place one basil leaf down on the bottom bun, then the tomatoes, then the cheese, and the second basil leaf. Since I don't have a panini maker I use a George Forman grill. Depending on the amounts you use, this sandwich should be less than 250 calories with little to no fat.

KCGREEN82 Posts: 112
1/16/12 10:48 P

Does anyone have any low fat panini recipes. I love paninis but haven't eaten one in awhile because my favorites are loaded with calories and fat. Thanks!! emoticon

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