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6/21/12 6:57 P

Nuts and peanuts are strange items when it comes to standard portion sizes. It can vary from 1/2 ounce, to 1 ounce.

For your peanuts:
1 ounce in shell has about 117 calories
1 ounce shelled has about 160 calories

does this help??
Dietitian Becky

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6/21/12 4:08 P

Are you eating them from a prepackaged container (like a jar of peanuts)? The label should tell you what a serving size is.

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6/21/12 4:06 P

haha, should be able to find you answer in this link

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6/21/12 3:33 P

I love to eat the roasted not salted peanuts in the shell. What is a serving size?

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