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5/8/12 12:41 P

I can totally relate. When I used to tell people how much more I had to lose, they'd say I'd be too skinny. I used to get frustrated, then I stopped telling people how much I had left to lose!

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5/8/12 12:41 P

I can relate. I've been working to lose my baby weight since giving birth in January. I've been really succesful just by following along with SP. People ask what the secret is.. there is no secret! Calories in and calories out. That's it. No pills, no shots, nothing. I count my calories and make sure that I'm burning them off. I get the same response: that's too hard. Or I don't have enough time for the gym, etc... I'm up at 440 everyday so I can squeeze the gym in before the day begins.

Stick with it!!!

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5/8/12 10:01 A

Oh, I definitely will ignore them. The bad part about it.....when I tell them how much exercise I perform and explain my eating plan, they say, "Oh, that's too much for me. I could never go to the gym at 5:00 AM and exercise for 1-1.5 hours 5 days per week." Go figure!

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5/8/12 9:01 A


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5/8/12 6:40 A

People think they flatter you, or show their care by these comments. If you know you are heathy, ignore all these nay Sayers.

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5/7/12 9:58 A


Your post made me chuckle. People are always asking me how I did this (I've lost at least 50lbs). When I tell them I'm not dieting but rather just eating / living healthy, sometimes they almost look...disappointed.

Everyone wants to know the "secret." The secret is there IS no secret! I get it 'cause I was like them, too - didn't think this could be done w/out some radical approach or "magic bullet."

When I tell people one of the keys to my success was really ramping up the veggie consumption to 9 servings a day, I've actually had more than one person say, So that's all you eat - vegetables?" AS IF!!

I guess once you get it, you get it. But until you do, you don't!

Continues success to you and keep on leading by example.
Great job!

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5/7/12 9:31 A

Hi all,

I guess this is a success! At church on yesterday, people were asking all types of questions aobut my journey. Since Jan 2012, I lost 40 lbs. Now, people don't believe that I've only been following the suggestions of SP and exercising. They think I'm sick or have had weight loss surgery. When I explained to some that I still had 60 lbs to go, they were looking in disgust saying, "You don't need to lose that much more. I can't see you losing 60 more lbs." Go figure! You'd think they'd be happy for my new lifestyle.

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