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5/31/12 8:50 P

Great idea. I think with the cost of movies, I'll save to take my wife out to the movies. That means more exercise and remembering to portion control.

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5/20/12 11:49 P

Thank you. I have been sick this week but tried to remember to put the pedometer on when I was up. Another ideas I postednwas to put a penny in the journey jar fornevery Spark point.

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5/6/12 11:30 A

That is such a good idea!!! I am totally stealing it emoticon

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5/6/12 11:23 A

Okay this sounds weird but I decided that I can give myself goals and for every daily goal I accomplish, put a quarter in the weight loss jar or whatever is comfortable for you. Also, for every mile I walk a day in excess of my goals. I started at 192 and got on a slippery slope after I reached 188 and decided spice things up by adding my daily reward to be used at certain milestones (like each 10lbs.). Below is my example; however, you can change it to meet your specifications. Each one of us is unique so you may prefer: dancing, walking, biking, pilates and etc. there are different intensity levels as well so what I suggest is to get an index card that is neon colored (because it is easy to find in your purse) and writing out your daily goals. It is small enough to carry around and look at during red lights or standing in line somewhere. You could be creative and on the reverse side draw pictures, put stickers, or tape a picture from a magazine like a mini collage.

Weekly Goals for May
emoticon two fruits a day = .25
emoticon Vegtable 1x a day = .25
emoticon 5,000 steps a Week = .25 (per 1,000)
emoticon Strength training 1x weekly = .25 (per 15 min.)
emoticon Zumba 1x weekly = .25 (per 15 min. of class)
emoticon Water aerobics 1x weekly = .25 (per 15 min.)

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